Condoms - Unlubricated

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Unlubricated condoms can be a good choice for some people. First off, they're great for oral sex. No need to worry about the lubrication tasting bad or making your tongue go numb. They also allow people to choose their own lubricant. That good for several reasons. Not only does it mean you get to use whatever type of lube you prefer. It also means you can use however much you want. Strictly speaking, you can always use additional lubricant with lubricated condoms.

However, many people assume that with a pre-lubricated condom they don't need to bother. 

Buying Unlubricated Condoms

Price :

Average. Unlubricated condoms don't cost more than other condoms.

Ease of Acquisition :

Available at most drug stores and online.

Use During Vaginal Intercourse :

Unlubricated condoms are fine for vaginal intercourse. They just need to be paired with a water or silicone based lubricant.

Use During Oral Sex :

Unlubricated condoms are ideal for use during oral sex. There's no lubricant taste to deal with! However, some people may prefer to use flavored condoms. It's also possible to pair unlubricated condoms with a flavored lube.

Use During Anal Sex :

Unlubricated condoms are fine for anal sex. However, they should be used with an appropriate water or silicone based lubricant.

The Verdict:

Unlubricated condoms are the chameleons of the latex condom world. They are so useful precisely because of that versatility.

For oral sex, they can be used as is, or cut into a dental dam, without anyone needing to ingest lubricant. For vaginal or anal intercourse, they can be paired with the lubricant of your choice. Unlubricated condoms are particularly useful for people who are sensitive to one or more of the ingredients in commercial personal lubricants.

With unlubricated condoms, they can find a water or silicone based lubricant they like. Then they can use how ever much they choose without worrying about irritation from what is already on the condom.

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