Top Conferences for Those Interested in Health Technology

Top Conferences for Those Interested in Health Technology

Conferences, summits and congresses are a great opportunity to get familiar with the latest in your field of interest and meet like-minded people. If you want to stay up-to-date with the industry and its best-practices, as well as socialize and network, there are many health technology events that are worth attending.  Here is a selection of some of the best and most recognized health IT conferences in the United States:

1. HIMSS Annual Conference and Exhibition

The registration for the 2016 HIMMS, taking place in Las Vegas, is now open. The 6-day conference focuses on topics that deal with population health, Big Data, EHR and cybersecurity. This huge annual event welcomes over 43,000 attendants and is known for its rich program of presentations, workshops and educational courses. Mark Bertolini, CEO of Aetna, and Hillary Clinton were among keynote speakers of previous years.

2. Health 2.0

Every fall, Health 2.0 arrives to Silicon Valley. The conference looks at that year’s innovations in the area of health technology and presents new wellness apps and digital diagnostic tools. It also supports new company launches, announces merges and is a great opportunity for start-ups to get seen and network with health IT experts.

3. Quantified Self Conference

The QS movement is rapidly growing and there are now over 110 independent quantified self groups around the world.

This year’s global QS Conference and Expo in San Francisco was packed with working sessions, show & tell talks and participant interactions. The third day of the event was dedicated to a public exposition that showcased different health gadgets and self-trackers to the public.

4. Digital Healthcare Innovation Summit

On Nov. 3, the 5th annual Digital Healthcare Innovation Summit will be held in Boston. The event aims to bring together hospital representatives, insurers, regulatory bodies, health technology innovators, entrepreneurs and investors, jointly looking for solutions for a more efficient health-care system. With focus on the economic aspects of health care, the summit explores how health technology could be best positioned to improve health and prevent illness. Eric Topol, M.D., was among last year’s speakers, and Jonathan Bush, CEO of athenahealth, was announced as one of this year’s keynote speakers.

5. Stanford Medicine X

Medicine X encourages the mixing of academia and industry. New ideas for improving health get explored here and the attendants run the gamut from practitioners and patients to business leaders and researchers. The two day event hosted by Stanford University is an example of an educational event that promotes the future patient-centered medical model and covers many digital health topics including patient engagement, technological innovation and safety.

6. HealthTech Conference

This is another conference aiming to connect different health-care players and startups. Organized since 2011, the event is among the smaller conferences and is presented by a group of private investors.

Spread over two days, the conference offers practical discussions and is specifically interested in building sustainable health technology.

7. Healthcare Analytics Summit

At the beginning of September, Salt Lake City hosted another Healthcare Analytics Summit, which brings together some of the leading experts supporting the transformation in health care. This year’s summit speakers focused on topics dealing with leadership and innovation in health care and explored how to use data to improve health outcomes. Jim Collins, one of the keynote speakers, is known as a best-selling author and presented a lecture on transformational leadership.

8. Digital Health Summit

Digital Health Summit 2016 has now been announced and the registration is about to commence on Oct.1. The summit offers insights into advancements in genomics, telehealth, wearables and other innovations in the digital health market. The 2016 event will feature two experts explaining the newest discoveries in the field of genetics. 

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