Top 10 Ways for Contact Lens Users to Minimize Eye Infection

If you wear contacts, it is vital that you understand the importance of proper lens care. Properly caring for your lenses can prevent serious eye infections, some that could even cause blindness. Below are the top 10 ways for contact lens users to minimize the chance of developing an eye infection.

Remove contact lenses before immersing in water.

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Contact lenses should be taken out before swimming, showering or bathing.

Wash hands before handling lenses.

Hands should be washed thoroughly with soap and dried well before touching contact lenses.

Clean contact lenses.

Contact lenses should be properly cleaned according to the manufacturer's or an eye care professional's instructions.

Disinfect contact lenses.

Proper disinfectant should be used to disinfect lenses; plain saline or rewetting drops are not disinfectants because they don't kill bacteria.

Use fresh products.

Each time you place your lenses in the case, or rinse them with solution, use fresh cleaning or disinfecting products.

Discard used solution.

Throw out solution. Never reuse it or top it off with fresh solution.

Store contacts in lens cases.

Contact lenses should always be stored in a clean and disinfected case.

Keep lens cases clean and dry.

Storage cases should be irrigated with sterile contact lens solution (not tap water), and left open to dry after each use to reduce the risk of water-loving bacteria taking up residence. They should be replaced every three months, at least.

Replace contacts regularly.

Contact lenses should be replaced when their scheduled wear time is up.

Have regular eye exams.

Regular eye examinations should be scheduled to check prescriptions and detect early signs of infection or disease.


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