Cool Classes for Toddlers

The Best Classes for Toddlers

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In case you need an excuse to get out of the house and entertain your toddler, classes are a great options. Not only do they add structured fun to your toddler’s day, they also help toddlers learn important social skills and promote physical and mental development. Here are class options that can be found in most cities around the country. 


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Your toddler may not be ready for the World Cup, but that's no reason to sit on the sidelines. Starting as young as 18 months, soccer classes for toddlers teach basic skills like kicking while incorporating fun obstacle courses, songs, bubbles and parachute time. Soccer classes can be found through local park districts as well as YMCAs. In addition, Lil Kickers, a soccer program serving multiple ages, operates in several states. 

Basic Sports Skills

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If you want an active class focused on skills that are a little broader than just soccer, many YCMAs, Gymboree locations and local park districts offer more general sports skills classes for toddlers. These classes help toddlers build coordination with opportunities to work on fundamental skills for sports like basketball, baseball, soccer and more. 

Creative Movement


Often a precursor to dance classes, which typically aren’t offered until children are 3, creative movement classes focus on letting toddlers move their bodies and don’t require any special shoes or equipment. Jumping, stomping, singing, pretend play and dancing are part of these classes. These classes aren't always called "creative movement," but check local dance studios as well as My Gym and Gymboree for classes that allow your toddler to move his body.  

Tot Tumbling


Do you have an aspiring gymnast on your hands? Local gymnastics clubs as well as recreation centers and park districts offer tot tumbling to children ages 2 and up. Your child will work on some basic tumbling moves -- like somersaults -- walk on low balance beams (with your assistance) and navigate through obstacle courses. 


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You can begin music classes with children as young as six months, and these classes continue to be great options for toddlers. Toddlers love to sing silly songs, dance, and try out instruments. These classes encourage cognitive development and help toddlers hone important social skills like listening and self-control.


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Let your little one channel her inner-Picasso at a toddler art class. These creative classes will allow your child to experiment with different mediums while learning about color, textures and materials. 

Zoo Class

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For your budding zoologist, zoos across the country offer classes specifically for the toddler set. Though classes vary from zoo to zoo, most teach young children about different animals while also allowing them to get up close with friendly creatures. Crafts, songs and other hands-on activities round out these unique classes. 

Yoga for Toddlers


As you might suspect, yoga for toddlers isn't quite as calm as your typical yoga class. But the benefits are the same and include decreased anxiety, stress and tension, increased attention span, and an increase in self-confidence. Your toddler's yoga class will likely include pretend play, songs and a few yoga poses. Down dog is always a favorite! 

Foreign Language

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If you're hopeful that your toddler will master a second language, you might want to consider a parent and tot foreign language class. These classes build confidence and language skills and will help your toddler begin to learn the basics of Spanish, French, Mandarin or whatever language you want him to learn. Foreign language classes are typically easy to find in major metropolitan areas. 

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