Cool Shapes (Review)

Find Out If Fat Freezing Shorts Can Help You Slim Down

Cool Shapes Contouring Shorts (review)
Cool Shapes Contouring Shorts

Almost all dieters struggle with stubborn trouble areas like the thighs, the tummy or the pesky muffin top. Some consumers try to freeze away the fat in order to reduce or eliminate those bulges. You can use fat-freezing methods at the doctor's office. But Cool Shapes Contouring Shorts provide a more private method to potentially freeze your fat at home. 

Cool Shapes Fat Freezing Shorts

The Cool Shapes slimming system retails for $149.95 and can be purchased at the company's website.

The basic system consists of a pair of stretchy shorts with eight large pockets near the thighs, the tummy and the back. You also get four gel packs, a storage case for freezing and a handy carrying case.  If you want additional gel packs to fit into each of the 8 pockets, you'll need to purchase additional packs.  Gel packs are sold in 2-pack sets for $23.95 each.  

Before you use the Cool Shapes Contouring Shorts, you need to freeze the gel packs for at least two hours. When frozen, you insert the icy packs into the outside pockets of the shorts near the area you want to target for fat loss. The company suggests wearing the garment daily for 30 minutes. And when do you see results? "Through our research we've seen changes in as little as 5 weeks when worn daily as instructed," says the manufacturer.

The Science Behind Cool Shapes

Advertisements for Cool Shapes refer to three different fat loss theories to sell the product.

The scientific terms and complex explanations look impressive on the website. But when I investigated the actual studies about freezing fat to lose weight, I couldn't find a strong connection between the product and the actual science. Here's a breakdown of each scientific angle.

  • Cryolipolysis.  Doctors use a "fat-freezing" technology called cryolipolysis or CoolSculpting to systematically target and destroy fat cells in a medical office. During a procedure, doctors use an FDA-approved machine that employs vacuum pressure and cooling panels to remove energy (heat) from a specific area of the body without harming the overlying skin.  Because they both use cooling methods, CoolSculpting and the CoolShapes slimming system might sound comparable. But Coolsculpting does not involve freezing your skin in a traditional manner, so it's different than just applying ice to your body.  And physicians don't recommend trying to freeze your fat off at home.
  • Brown fat activation. Research studies have confirmed that some humans have a kind of brown fat that actually increases metabolic rate. Brown fat can be activated to burn more calories when it is exposed to cold or freezing temperatures. Although this research is exciting to scientists, it is not necessarily a good reason to ice your body at home. Researchers still don't know how to harness the potential of brown fat so that it makes a noticeable different to people who want to lose weight. And leading researchers in the field say this is not a magic bullet for weight loss. 
  • Compression. The Cool Shapes slimming system is advertised to come with compression shorts. Some exercisers use compression garments to help increase circulation and recover from strenuous workouts. Compression garments may provide additional benefits for people who are trying to lose weight. But Cool Shapes shorts are not made out of medical grade compression materials and are not designed to offer those benefits. According to the company, the elastic material is designed to hold ice packs in place, not to provide benefits provided by true compression garments.

Cool Shapes Review

So what happened when I tried Cool Shapes at home?

The company sent me a slimming system to try for myself and I used the shorts for roughly a week. Admittedly, this was not nearly enough time to see results. On their website, the company says that you're not likely to see changes until you've used the product for at least 5 weeks. But I don't think I would have lasted that long with the shorts.

The Cool Shapes shorts -without ice - are well constructed and comfortable to wear. But applying ice to my lower body was uncomfortable and inconvenient. The daily process takes 30 minutes, which is not a lot of time. But it felt like much longer when the ice was pressed to my body.

I have to admit that by the end of the week I was dreading that half hour. 

During one of my fat freezing review session, I investigated the Cool Shapes return policy. I was not able to find it on the website, but a spokesperson for the company said that they accept returns for 30 days (roughly 4 weeks) after purchase. Unfortunately, however, that wouldn't allow enough time to see if Cool Shapes work since results can't be expected until after five weeks.

If you are looking for a fat loss product, remember that Cool Shapes is one of many options on the market. Before you make your final decision, be sure to look for certain types of credible evidence   about the weight loss product you choose and be clear about the return policy if there is one. 


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