Cooperative Preschool (Co-op Preschool, Preschool Cooperative)


Wish you could be a part of your child's classroom learning experience? A cooperative preschool might be the way to go. Schools vary by specific method and setup, but the premise is generally the same. There is a trained teacher (or teachers) but parents take turns helping out in the classroom on a rotating basis, usually once a month or every five or six weeks. They may also be asked to bring in supplies and a snack and a drink.

Parental jobs may include running a craft, handing out snack, helping to clean up, general supervision and assisting the teacher in demonstrating a lesson. Outside of the classroom, some cooperative preschools ask parents to take on other responsibilities like building and maintenance or fundraising.

Cooperative preschools are governed by some form of board, usually made up of parents who are elected to one- or two-year terms. The positions are generally volunteer. The board usually sets tuition rates, is in charge of hiring staff and other administrative duties like maintaining the budget.

Cooperative preschools tend to usually be socially- or play-based but some may focus on academics,. Before choosing any preschool, it's important to ask what their philosophy is.

The tuition at cooperative preschools tend to be less expensive than traditional ones.

Also Known As: Co-op preschool, preschool cooperative

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