9 Popular Exercise DVDs for COPD Patients

If you have chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (COPD), you may feel pretty intimidated when it comes to exercise. After all, how can you possibly exercise if you can barely move around the room without becoming tired and short of breath?

In truth, though, exercising is actually the best way to increase your exercise tolerance and improve your breathing. The key is finding the right exercise program—one you'll enjoy and be able to stick to on a daily basis.

Here are nine of the most popular exercise DVDs. Many are geared for seniors and people with disabilities or illnesses like COPD.


Functional Fitness for COPD and Asthma is an original exercise video created by occupational therapist Suzanne Andrews. It focuses on improving your breathing, relieving your stress, and increasing your quality of life as you learn to ​live with COPD.


Created by a physical therapist, this DVD consists of exercises done from either a seated or standing position. It includes instructions for safely getting down and then back up from the floor to avoid injury and suggestions for a number of bed exercises. Explanations of anatomy, breathing technique, and spine positioning precede the workout.


Yoga instructor Jane Adams makes yoga come to life through this DVD of simple postures and gentle stretches. Yoga helps muscles and joints gradually regain their strength and increases flexibility, ultimately improving mobility. And, because so much focus is on breathing, it's a perfect activity to help you manage your breathing if you have COPD.


T'ai chi is an ancient Chinese exercise system that's designed to improve your overall health, reduce stress, strengthen muscles and joints, build the immune system, improve balance and coordination, and maintain the vitality of youth throughout the life-span. Many of these exercises can be done from a seated position and the program is specifically designed for people over 65 years of age.


Not just your average yoga DVD, Stronger Seniors is a four-star exercise program developed by Anne Burnell, continuing education provider for older adult populations for the American Council on Exercise. This yoga chair exercise program will help you increase your strength and flexibility, all in the comfort of your own living room. It's great for people who have limited mobility and those in wheelchairs or who use walkers.


Zookinesis is an ancient Chinese exercise system designed to bring your body back to its youthful vitality while restoring muscle tone, strength, and flexibility. It also helps improve breathing and concentration. Zookinesis is related to T'ai-chi, Chi-gung, and Chinese yoga. You can start small and do just fifteen minutes at a time, working your way up to do the entire session. This DVD is used by countless numbers of senior centers and nursing homes across the country.


The Chair-A-Cise Series fitness program is a program for everybody. It helps you lose weight, burn fat, tone, and improve your strength while providing you with an excellent cardiovascular workout, all while sitting in a chair. Under the guidance of certified personal trainer and Chair-A-Cise creator Daryl Madison of Lifestyle Fitness, you can complete a safe and effective workout in the comfort and privacy of your own home.


These basic T'ai-chi exercises are designed to help you​ minimize stress and feel rejuvenated.​ ​There are three parts to this video: Face massage, ​seated T'ai-chi exercises,​ and sitting Taoist breathing exercises.



This DVD features a number of exercises that not only help relieve stress but also help improve your circulation and maintain or increase your strength. It's especially helpful for those who are bed-bound.