COPD Inhalers and Medications

A Guide to Treatment For COPD

When you have shortness of breath, one of the hallmark symptoms of COPD, the first thing that you probably run to is your COPD inhaler. And that's a good thing, because a COPD inhaler, when used correctly, can open blocked airways, provide prompt symptom relief and in some cases, relieve inflammation.

Whether you use a nebulizer or a metered-dose inhaler, the following guide to COPD inhalers and medications will help make your COPD treatment a little more manageable:


COPD Medications
COPD Medications. Photo ©, user MooN

If you are a COPD patient or a caregiver to someone who has COPD, learning all you can about common COPD medications is essential to COPD management. This comprehensive guide to common COPD medications includes the most commonly prescribed medications for COPD.



Bronchodilators. Photo ©, user Cron-Z

Beta-agonists -- anticholinergics -- methylxanthines -- you've heard the terms, but do you clearly understand how these bronchodilators work to ease your symptoms of COPD? Learn more about the three types of bronchodilators commonly used for the treatment of COPD.



Prednisone. Photo ©, user jsrcyclist

If you have COPD, your doctor may have prescribed glucocorticoids as part of your treatment plan. While glucocorticoids have many benefits, they also have serious risks and side effects that you should be aware of. Learn more about the pros and cons of glucocorticoids.



Picture of Inhaler
COPD Inhalers. Photo ©, user raydawg88

COPD inhalers are commonplace in the treatment of COPD. But, understanding which-is-which and what-does-what can sometimes be confusing. Learn more about the most common types of COPD inhalers and how they help you breathe better.



Woman taking asthma inhaler
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When it comes to treating COPD, the battle between the MDI and the nebulizer is still going strong. And, while most people think that the nebulizer is better, some evidence is to the contrary. Learn more about the differences between the MDI and nebulizer.



Sad little girl receives breathing treatment at home
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Delivery of COPD medication is such an important aspect of COPD treatment. While nebulizers may be simple to use, if you are new to them, or don't use them much, you may need a short refresher course. Follow this step-by-step illustrated guide to show you the proper way to use a nebulizer.



How to use an MDI
How to Use a Bronchodilator Inhaler. Photo © Getty Images, user Image Source

Using a metered-dose inhaler (MDI) can prove more challenging than using a nebulizer, especially if your coordination is not what it used to be. Learn the correct way to use an MDI with this step-by-step illustrated guide.


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