Cope With Stress and Loneliness on Valentine's Day

You Can Celebrate Love And Connection--And Relieve Stress

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Valentine's Day, like the holiday season, can be a very special time, but can also put a lot of pressure on people who aren't in a romantic relationship. In fact, people who are normally completely fine with their single status can feel a bit of loneliness as the focus on coupledom intensifies around Valentine's Day. Fortunately, there are several stress relievers that can be especially helpful in reducing the stress of Valentine's Day loneliness, and can also help you celebrate the holiday in a memorable way.

If you're single on Valentine's Day, here are some ideas on how to make the holiday special without having to stress about acquiring a valentine.

Go Out With Friends

This is the golden standard of Valentine's Day activities for the unattached, and for good reason. Having a supportive circle of friends to go out with can many times be more fun than a date. If you have other single friends, go out and enjoy!

Pamper Yourself

Staying in and giving yourself a home spa treatment can make for a relaxing and special evening. Since we often don't take the time to pamper ourselves as we should, or even practice regular self-care habits, this one can be a great stress reliever for Valentine's day or any day. You can also take things a little further and create a full-blown staycation day for yourself, or as part of a play day with a friend if your schedule allows.

Call Someone Who Needs Some Love

Do you have a grandmother, an aunt or a neighbor who would love a visit or phone call?

Valentine's Day is a perfect time to go outside of your normal routine and connect with those you are always meaning to call--it could brighten the day for both of you. Research on altruism suggests that when you give to others, you both feel better, so this is a perfect way to celebrate a day that focuses on love.

Try Something New

Developing a hobby is a great way to relieve stress and bring some necessary fun to your life. Sometimes we get so busy with obligations that we find ourselves with no time for the fun hobbies we enjoyed in our younger years, but taking some time for a little fun and down time can help us to relax and recharge enough to be less stressed and more productive in our lives, which makes it worth the time in more ways than one. Signing up for classes or trying something new is a special and memorable gift to give yourself today, and can ensure that you create a space in your life for something you enjoy, even if just for the next few weeks.


Nothing makes a day special like a good deed. Helping those in need can bring the benefits of altruism to your Valentine's Day and create some wonderful memories, while connecting you to others at the same time. If you don't have time to volunteer in an official capacity, you can always perform random acts of kindness and still be spreading the love.  

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