Cosmetic Nose Surgery for Men

Man with a bandage over his nose
Klaus Tiedge / Getty Images

With so many men now opting for cosmetic surgery, it is useful to know about the procedures, recovery times, the side effects and of course, the costs.

Plastic Surgeon Consultation for Cosmetic Surgery

The initial consultation will include discussions about what you want to be done, your expectations, your fitness to undergo the rhinoplasty procedure, your medical history and how the surgeon will get the best results for you.

Many surgeons use computer imaging to help you visualize the final result.

Age range for Cosmetic Surgery

Rhinoplasty can be carried out on females from the age of 13 and males from 15 years. This is because boys don't stop growing until they are older. Teenage concerns about appearance do mean that surgical assessment should be thorough and not just a passing phase. This way unnecessary surgery is avoided[

Cost of Rhinoplasty

Costs vary according to the complexity of the surgery, the doctor and the location. Approx. $4000 plus anesthesia plus hospital stay where applicable plus operation room facilities. Most nose jobs are not covered by health insurance.

The Procedure

  • Rhinoplasty can be carried out under general anesthetic or a local anesthetic depending on the extent of the surgery and the patient’s personal preference.
  • There are two types of rhinoplasty, closed and open.
  • The open technique involves an incision across the skin between the nostrils. Internal structures can easily be worked on but swelling may take a bit of time to subside.
  • The closed technique does not require an incision on the outer tissues of the nose and is quicker to heal as tissues are less disrupted.
  • Any incisions made during a rhinoplasty aim to minimize scarring so they are often done inside the rim of the nostrils The soft tissue is separated from the underlying structure. The cartilage and bone of the nose are then reshaped to get the cosmetic effect required. The nostrils can be widened or narrowed according to need.

    Operation time for a nose job (rhinoplasty) surgery takes between one and two hours and is usually performed on an out-patient basis.

    Post Operative Care Following Rhinoplasty

    Pain should be minimal. Any discomfort can be controlled by mild analgesics.

    A nose reduction may require a nose splint or nostril packing to support the shape until it heals. Any stitches are self-dissolving. A small amount of blood loss is possible and gauze packing may need to be changed.

    Where the incision is made externally between the nostrils stitches will have to be removed after 3 to 5 days.

    Swelling will be present for several weeks, gradually subsiding. Cold compresses may help reduce swelling around the eyes. The nose should be healed within a few weeks, the length of time depending on an individuals healing ability. Use sunscreen as the nose will be sensitive to the sun. You can return to light work quickly within a couple of days, or as your appearance allows.

    Numbness of the nose is possible at first depending on the extent of the surgery carried out.

    Complications Following Rhinoplasty

    Any operation or general anesthetic can cause unexpected health problems, some very serious. Infection, scarring, numbness, and unhappiness with the final result are also possible.

    Good screening and a properly qualified plastic surgeon operating in a good hospital will minimize the risks of this happening to you.


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