Ninja Boxes for Small Toys and Treasures

Easy-to-Make Ninja-Guarded Boxes

crafts for boys - ninja box
Cool, fun-to-make ninja boxes for small toys and trinkets. Katherine Lee

If you have an empty tissue box, you can make these awesome ninja-guarded boxes for small toys and treasures in minutes with your kids. They're perfect for keeping lots of things like marbles, Legos, Playmobile figures all in order and organized. You can put a couple of ninjas on the box, as shown, or your child may want to make several ninjas to put all around the box to guard his treasures.

Empty tissue boxes or shoe boxes make ideal containers for small playthings and knick knacks. Not only can they be decorated for any occasion and given a personal touch--like these homemade ninjas or even cut-out pictures of cars or superheroes or whatever your child likes--but they're super-easy to make, extremely low-cost, and fun, making them the perfect craft project for kids. And when your child is done making his own personalized storage box, he can use them to organize his room (which is always a good thing).

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boys' crafts - materials to make the ninja boxes
You'll only need a few materials to make these ninja boxes. Katherine Lee

The beautiful thing about this craft (aside from the fact that boys will love having ninjas guard their treasures when they're done) is how easy it is. You'll only need a few materials to make these boxes:

  • colorful paper
  • empty tissue boxes
  • a circle punch (or something round you can trace to cut out small 1-inch circles)
  • scissors
  • glue dots
  • black marker 

Cut out the ninja components.

crafts for boys - cut out shapes to make the ninjas
Cut out shapes to make the ninjas. Katherine Lee

First, cut the top off the tissue box and cover it with colored paper. Secure the paper with double-side tape or glue or glue dots.

Then, cut out the shapes that will form the ninjas. For the body, cut out a rectangle about 1" x 2"; for the arms, make 4 strips of paper that are about 1" long. The head can be made using a circle about 1" in diameter and a small rectangle of white paper that will make the eyes. 

(Note: If your child is younger and may have a harder time with these small pieces, just add an inch to everything and make a bigger ninja. Bigger pieces may be easier for smaller hands to work with, and since younger children are still developing those fine motor skills, they may find gluing smaller pieces a bit more difficult.)

Assemble the ninjas.

crafts for boys - glue the ninja
Glue together the ninjas. Katherine Lee

Next, your child can begin assembling his ninjas. Once he puts the eyes on the head, you can draw some eyes in the white rectangle with a thin black marker. Now your ninja will be ready to guard your child's treasures from any unauthorized hands!

Add the arms and legs.

crafts for boys - assemble the ninjas
Next, your child can assemble the ninjas. Katherine Lee

Add the arms and legs (your child can pose them any way he likes), and then cut out two small triangles for the hands.

Glue the ninja onto the box.

crafts for boys - put the ninja on the box
Put the ninja on the box!. Katherine Lee

Glue your ninja onto the box to watch over your child's small toys. Your child may want to make a bunch of ninjas to put all around the perimeter, or he may just want to glue a few in a selected and strategic points. For a bigger box, you can use a shoe box or a large tissue box.

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