Easy, Pretty Valentine Box Craft

Learn how to make these super-easy and very pretty Valentine boxes.

Where will your child put all the Valentines that he'll get this Valentine's Day? These pretty Valentine boxes are the perfect thing. All you need are some used tissues boxes and paper, and if you have them, heart-shaped paper punches. (Heart stickers can also work.) They're so pretty, you may just wanna use them long after Valentine's Day is over!

Assemble the materials you'll need to make the Valentine box.

What you'll need to make the Valentine box. Katherine Lee

To make the Valentine box, you'll need just a few things:

  • Empty tissue box
  • Paper (in pretty Valentine's Day colors like white, pink, and red)
  • Heart-shaped paper punches in various sizes (You can use stickers if you'd prefer)
  • Double-sided tape
  • Washi tape (washi tape is a fun Japanese decorative masking tape that comes in beautiful colors and patterns. You can find it at crafts stores or online at retailers like Cutetape.com)

Cover the Valentine box with paper and add hearts.

Add hearts to the Valentine box. Katherine Lee

Cover the sides and top of the tissue box with paper. If you have washi tape, use it to accent the edges. Use the paper punches to make hearts and glue them all over the top and sides. (Note: If you don't have a paper punch, you can draw perfect hearts by folding a crease and drawing half a heart. Then when you cut it out and unfold the paper, you'll have a perfectly symmetrical, heart! But if you do have a punch, it's a perfect tool for school-age kids; they'll love making hearts with this easy and inexpensive tool, and you can make a whole bunch in just minutes.)

Keep adding hearts all over.

Add hearts all over the box. Katherine Lee

Make more hearts in a variety of colors and sizes and add them all over the box. Kids will love this part!

Try making some in different colors and styles.

Here is another version of a Valentine box. Katherine Lee

Change up the colors and add hearts in different patterns to make more Valentine boxes. These pretty boxes can be used for much more than Valentine cards. When Valentine's Day is over, you can always use these pretty boxes to hold small trinkets and toys!

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