Valentine Crafts for Kids - Ideas for Pretty Valentine Treats Gift Wrap

Valentine Crafts for Kids - Pretty Valentine Treats Gift Wrap

Pretty ways to wrap up Valentine Treats. Katherine Lee

Here's an awesome (and easy) idea for a Valentine gift: sweet treats wrapped in handmade gift wrap. You can use anything from plain or colored paper and washi tape as I did here or use decorative or pretty patterned gift wrap.

Add some embellishments like hearts, colorful baker's twine, or rickrack ribbon and voila! You'll have beautiful Valentine treats and gifts to give out to friends and classmates. (To make the hearts, I used a heart-shaped paper punch but if you don't have one, you can simply fold a piece of paper in half and draw a half of a heart and cut it out; when you unfold the paper, you will have a perfectly symmetrical heart. For an example of how to do that, see my instructions for how to make a paper heart wreath.)

These Valentine's treat gift wraps are so pretty, your child's friends and classmates will never guess that they were actually super-easy to make. And since you don't need much more than paper and/or washi tape, it's budget-friendly, too! And of course, it's fun to design and make your own gift wrap, which also makes this project a wonderful Valentine craft for kids.

Gather supplies to make the Valentine treat wrappers.

Pretty ways to wrap up Valentine Treats. Katherine Lee

To make these Valentine treat wrappers, you'll need just a few materials:

  • colored paper (in shades of red and pink)
  • plain white copier paper
  • pretty patterned paper or washi tape
  • heart shape paper punch
  • rickrack ribbon in red or pink
  • baker's twine in red or pink
  • glue dots or a glue stick

Wrap patterned paper or washi tape and paper around the candy bars.

Pretty ways to wrap up Valentine Treats. Katherine Lee

First, take either patterned paper or plain white paper and wrap it around the candy bars. If you are using plain white paper, decorate the paper with washi tape. (I used white paper and washi tape laid out in strips to decorate these chocolate bars.) Cut the paper to fit and secure it to the candy bars with glue dots or Scotch tape.

Make some hearts with the paper punch and glue them to the top of the candy bar. How you place them is up to you and your child!

Here is how you can decorate treats with washi tape and paper.

Pretty ways to wrap up Valentine Treats. Katherine Lee

Here is an example of how you can decorate Valentine's treat candy bars with washi tape.

Combine different patterns and colors to jazz up Valentine treats.

Pretty ways to wrap up Valentine Treats. Katherine Lee

Let your child use her imagination to make more Valentine treat wrappers. Use these examples as inspiration!

You'll have so much fun making these treat wrappers, you may want to keep creating different pattern and design combinations for your own treats, too, not just for Valentine gifts for your child's classmates. Then you can put the Valentine treats in bowls and display them around the house for a festive touch!

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