Create a "Baby Can Walk" Scrapbook Page

How to Beautifully Document Baby's First Steps

baby's first steps
Baby's first steps... Flickr/Gustavo Devito

Babies, and adolescents in general, are popular scrapbooking subject matter. It's fun to celebrate all of baby's firsts: milestones, birthdays, holidays, etc. Many baby albums and scrapbooks already include special pages to commemorate these milestones, like "Baby's First Steps" pages.

The first time your baby walks is a very big deal, so make sure you remember it. You don't have to be an arts and crafts whiz to whip up something fun and memorable.

Recording your baby's first steps can be as simple as including a few pictures and a thoughtful journal entry. Use your creative license when adding to your baby's album or scrapbook. It's sure to become a keepsake once your little one is all grown up. Beautifully document your baby's first steps by creating your own layout:

Taking Pictures:

Of course, you need pictures for your Baby's First Steps page. Before you begin your photo shoot read "Learn How to Take Baby Pictures" for a word of advice. Kneel or squat so you're at your child's eye level. Photos of the top of their head won't do this momentous occasion justice.

Taking a rapid succession of pictures is a fun way to indicate movement on your baby scrapbook page. Use the continuous shooting or burst mode on your digital camera or smartphone to snap a series of pictures as your baby walks towards a favorite toy, the family pet or an older sibling.

Designing the Page:

Baby footprint stickers are the obvious choice of embellishment for this scrapbook page. You can purchase stickers, rub-ons, charms, chipboard shapes and rubber stamps wherever scrapbook supplies are sold. You might also want to include your baby's own footprint for a special touch.

Use a washable ink pad to do it.

Baby walking shoes are also great additions. Consider using the macro setting on your digital camera to take a detailed, close-up photo of your baby's favorite pair of shoes. Use the photo as an accent for your journaling block or blow it up and reduce the opacity to create your own patterned paper background.

Journaling Ideas:

Don't forget to journal! When journaling on the scrapbook page, make sure to note how baby was when they reached this milestone, where it happened, who was there, how far they walked, whether or not you were anticipating their first steps, etc. Include all the details you wish.

Clever page title for a "Baby's First Steps" scrapbook page are:

  • Look Who's Walking!
  • On the Move
  • Look at Me Go!
  • These Boots Were Made for Walking
  • My First Steps
  • One Step at a Time
  • Ready or Not: Here I Come!

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