How Words and Language Can Help You Create Your Best Life

How Choosing Your Words Can Improve Your Wellbeing

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Many would say that we are the architects of our own lives. This article will review what some of the tools are that we already have at our disposal, and how to leverage them to create our best reality.

Your words are more powerful than you may realize

In his book, Conscious Language: The Logos of Now, Robert Tennyson Stevens reveals just how powerful words can be. Whether they are used in a way that is devastating to another, to forge a deeper and stronger relationship with a romantic partner, to connect with a new friend, or to convey one's intentions about their life, there is a lot to be said about the use of language.

Words can cause a glitch in your system

Stevens encourages his readers to choose their words carefully. He indicates that our language is essentially the foundation of our lives. This makes sense: Cultures surrounded by snow have numerous words for "snow," whereas many other cultures know the white fluffy stuff as "snow" alone. Essentially, such cultures have a different reality around snow. Language dictates how we see the world and our lives within it.

In Conscious Language, Stevens indicates that language is like an operating system to the giant computer of life. Words are essentially the commands to the computer and what ultimately shapes consciousness. Reality arises from consciousness. 

Therefore, be careful what messages you convey to your system. Watch your words unless you wish to invite a glitch or a virus in. Words can lead to self sabotage and self betrayal. His message might be scary when you stop to think about the commands that you have been giving yourself, but it is also quite hopeful and exciting.

Upgrade your language; Upgrade your life  

Your words are powerful, whether they are positive or negative. Instead of focusing on what is not working in your life, spend some attention on what is going well, what your intentions are, and how things are working in your favor. Stevens warns us to watch the "I can'ts," "I don't knows" and anything else negative that we may reinforce to ourselves.

Focus instead on "I can," "I am," and the fact that you choose whatever is true and right for you.

Step it up with your language by reinforcing what is working and what you would like to work well, and you will see an upgrade in your reality as a result.

Be the author of your life

Stevens offers exercises and countless examples throughout the chapters of his book to convey the force behind the spoken or thought word. To learn more, check out his book and apply what you discover so that the practical results will speak for themselves as you take ownership of your authorship of your life.


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