Creative Birth Announcement Ideas

How to Announce Your Bundle of Joy

Its a boy. Credit: Pepifoto / Getty Images

Your baby is one-of-a-kind, so it's only natural to find yourself in search of an equally unique way to announce their birth. You can always purchase baby announcements, but making your own allows you to create something truly memorable. Design a card yourself and you'll create a special keepsake that is the perfect reflection of you and your baby, whether you choose to make announcements using traditional paper supplies, software or a website.

A Modern Twist

For a simple and tasteful baby announcement, pair a black and white photo of your newborn with an unexpected color scheme. Add more visual interest to this theme with a monogram or a simple pattern, like polka dots or plaid. Many birth announcements follow the typical pastel pink and blue color schemes, but a fun, unexpected color pairing will give your announcement a twist.

For a baby girl, consider one of the following color combinations:

  • Rose and mint green
  • Rose and chocolate brown
  • Rose and gold
  • Hot pink and lime green
  • Hot pink and black
  • Lavender and chocolate brown
  • Lavender and mint green

For a baby boy, try:

  • Blue, green and white
  • Blue, red and yellow
  • Sky blue and chocolate brown
  • Navy blue and cream
  • Navy blue and orange
  • Olive green and tan
  • Olive green and navy blue

Cute & Clever

Rattles, baby blocks and teddy bears are traditional embellishments for handmade baby announcements, but you don't need to limit yourself to these accents.

When designing your own announcements, be as creative as you wish. Here are some ideas for cute and clever accents:

  • "Look 'hoo' just arrived." Owls are very popular embellishments for card making and scrapbooking projects, so it's easy to find stickers, rubber stamps and computer clip art to create this announcement.
  • "Our little peanut has arrived." Make this announcement with a picture of an elephant holding a peanut in its trunk.
  • "We're buzzing with joy." A card featuring a buzzing bumblebee and a picture of your little one is sure to bring a smile to your face.
  • "Welcome to the jungle." Decorate your announcement with monkeys, giraffes, lions or the zoo animal of your choice. This theme is especially appropriate if you have a house full of siblings ready to welcome home their baby brother or sister.
  • "Look who just sailed in." The sailboat theme is traditionally associated with baby boys, but you could adapt this theme to an announcement for your daughter by choosing a more feminine color scheme for the card and adding a few flourishes to the design.
  • "A star is born." If your little one is already used to being the center of attention, decorate this baby announcement with a spotlight, popcorn bucket or movie theater ticket to bring to mind a future career as an actor or actress.
  • "Extra! Extra!" Design your birth announcement to look like the front page of your favorite newspaper with the inside scoop on your little one's arrival.

Simple Gifts

If you aren't planning on sending out birth announcements to a long list of recipients, you may wish to make an announcement that doubles as a small gift.

For example:

  • Cover a chocolate bar with a custom candy wrapper label that features your child's birth information.
  • Print baby's photo onto magnetic paper before attaching it to the card.
  • Make an announcement with a pocket that includes a DVD slideshow featuring photos or video from your pregnancy, your baby's birth and the first few days at home.

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