Creative Costumes for Tweens and Teens

These easy to assemble costumes are easy to make and easy on the budget

Make a creative costume with items you already own.
Any creative costume idea should approved by your tween. Photo: Shyle Zacharias,

Your child needs a costume idea for Halloween or a party, and it's the very last minute. What do you do? The creative costume ideas below are so easy to pull together, and none of them really require any special accessories or materials. So grab the scissors, some tape and prepare to be impressed!

  • Lifeguard Costume

What You'll Need

  • A Red or Blue Bathing Suit
  • Flip-Flops
  • A pair of red or blue shorts, for girls
  • A whistle on a chain
  • White masking tape
  • Zinc Oxide
  • A pair of sunglasses

How to Make Your Lifeguard Costume

Use the masking tape to make a white cross on the back and the front of your bathing suit (if you're a girl). Boys should place the cross on the front of their trunks, about half-way down the leg. You can also use the tape to form the letters of the word "Lifeguard" on your suit. Add the shorts if you're a girl. Add the flip-flops, whistle, and sunglasses. Put a dab of zinc oxide on your nose and you're ready to be a lifeguard for the day.

  • Chef CostumeĀ 

What You'll Need:

  • One white dress shirt (man or woman's will do)
  • White construction paper
  • Black dress pants or black solid color sweats
  • Non-slip shoes
  • A bandanna
  • A large wooden spoon, or a whisk or another prop from the kitchen

How to Make Your Chef Costume

Have your child slip the sweats or pants on, and then the white shirt, buttoned all the way up the front of the shirt.

You can roll the sleeves up to the elbow if the shirt is large on your tween. Tie the bandana around the neck and with the tie in the back.

Your tween can make a chef hat using the white construction paper. Just form a tube with one to two sheets of paper, staple or glue the sides together. Fashion another piece to the top of the hat and staple.

Use pins to fasten the hat to your child's hair.

Your child can carry a prop from the kitchen, such as a big, wooden spoon or a whisk. Or, she can design her own menu and make copies to hand out to others. Don't forget to sprinkle a little bit of flour on her hands and face.

  • Miss America Costume

What You'll Need

  • A formal dress (if you don't have one, check thrift stores for old prom dresses)

  • Shoes (black ballet-style slippers are better than high-heeled shoes if your tween will be trick-or-treating)
  • A plastic tiara (can be found at dollar stores
  • Makeup and hair spray
  • A long strip of white cloth, about 5-inches wide
  • Plastic or costume jewelry
  • Fabric markers, glitter markers or metallic fabric markers

How to Make Your Miss America Costume

Write "Miss America" on the strip of cloth with either metallic fabric markers or glitter markers. Once your tween has her make-up applied, poof her hair using hair spray and a hair brush. The tiara makes the Miss America outfit, it can be kept in place on her head using bobby pins. Add jewelry. Her outfit is complete!

  • Country Girl Costume

Supplies You'll Need for Your Country Girl Costume

  • Blue jeans
  • Ponytail holders and hair ribbon
  • A flannel shirt, or a white peasant blouse
  • Sneakers or a pair of boots
  • Make-up

How to Make Your Country Girl Costume

Wear the blue jeans and roll-up the bottoms a few inches. Put on your shirt - if you're wearing a white peasant blouse, you can wear the blouse slightly askew, so that one shoulder is showing. Wear your hair in braids, or ponytails, and add the hair ribbon. Use the make-up to draw freckles on your nose and cheeks.

  • Construction Worker Costume

Supplies You'll Need for a Construction Worker Costume

  • A plastic hard hat
  • Canvas tool belt
  • Worn or torn blue jeans
  • A flannel shirt
  • White, smudged T-shirt
  • Leather or canvas work gloves
  • Tools, measuring tape, etc. for the tool belt
  • Work boots

How to Make Your Construction Worker Costume

Wear the flannel shirt over the dirty T-shirt, and roll the sleeves to the elbow, weather permitting. If your child needs an additional prop, you can make a Men at Work sign out of cardboard and paint. Your construction worker costume is complete.

  • Captain Kirk Costume

Supplies You'll Need for the Captain Kirk Costume

  • Goldish-yellow long-sleeved T-shirt
  • Black mock turtleneck shirt
  • Black trouser pants - black sweatpants will do in a pinch
  • Black boots (any boot will do, or use black dress shoes if you don't own any boots)
  • Gold ric rac (about 3 feet)
  • Gold and black felt to make the Federation insignia
  • An old cell phone wrapped in aluminum foil to use as a "communicator"
  • Hair gel

How to Make Your Captain Kirk Costume

Use your felt to make the Federation Insignia and glue or stitch the insignia to the gold T-shirt, on the upper left-hand side, right over the heart area. Use the ric rac for the Captain's rank, which is placed around the cuff area of the shirt on both sleeves. Two pieces of ric rac should be sewn around the cuff area to make two solid stripes, and smaller pieces of ric rac should be sewn in between the two stripes, about a half-inch apart.

The black mock turtleneck goes on first, with the gold T-shirt on top, so that the black collar shows. Add the pants and boots, and a little hair gel for that perfect Captain Kirk coif.

If your child needs a prop, cover an old cell phone with aluminum foil to use as a communicator.

  • Pizza Guy Costume

Supplies You'll Need for a Pizza Delivery Costume

  • Jeans
  • Polo shirt, preferably in a solid, primary color such as red or blue
  • Matching solid color baseball hat
  • Sneakers
  • Felt or colored construction paper for the pizza store logo
  • Empty pizza box (ask your local pizzeria for one, or save one from when you last ordered pizza)

How To Make Your Pizza Delivery Costume

Have your tween design two logos for his pizza delivery company. He could name it Joe's Pizza, or anything else he chooses. Use the felt or colored construction paper for this project. Glue or pin one logo to the front of his polo shirt, and the other to the baseball hat, right above the brim.

Complete the outfit with the other supplies, and add the pizza box for effect. Your pizza delivery costume is complete.

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