Creative Gifts Your Child Can Make

Boy Drawing and Coloring
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Does your child have any special talents or interests? If so, they can be used to create some special homemade gifts that can be saved and cherished for many years to come. Music, Art, Math, Creative Writing -- these are some specialized interests and talents that can be used to make some wonderful items to give to loved ones.

Music And Voice

We've all seen the greeting cards that allow the buyer to make a voice recording.

Those make perfect gifts from the kids to parents and grandparents or favorite aunts and uncles. But creative kids can do even more. They can create their very own card and then add a "voice sticker." Voice sticker is a small, thin voice recorder with adhesive on the back. Kids can make their own card and then attach the sticker to it. They can create anything at all and attach the sticker to it: a bouquet of dried flowers, a drawing, just about anything they can make will be all the more special when their voice can be heard. You should be able to get voice stickers at your local craft store or from

A Work of Art

Is your child a budding artist? If so, then creating a work or art as a gift would be ideal. Younger children can create drawings made with crayons or markers, or even colored pencils. Rather than use plain white paper that you would use with your printer, you can get a heavier stock paper.

Construction paper works very well for this, so does paper from sketch pads.

Kids can also use finger paints or water colors or even pastel chalk. Older, more advanced artists can also use acrylic paint or even oil paint and canvas. The point is that kids can use whatever art medium they know how to use and are comfortable using and you are okay with them using.

For instance, you may not want your 5-year-old experimenting with oil paints for this project.

When the art work is done (and dry), it can be placed in a frame so that the gift recipient can hang it easily on the wall or set up on a dresser or table. Be sure your child has signed his name to the art work in the corner!

Math Constructions

If your child is fond of math, there are some special crafts he can make that are based on math concepts. One very interesting craft is the Icosihenagon. This is a 21 sided polygon and the craft is made by connecting every point with every other point with thread. The Math Cats Web site has complete instructions for this craft. It even has a printable template that can be used.

Math Cats has printable templates for other string art designs and for some other crafts like rotating shapes and 3-D geometric forms. The geometric forms are perfect to use for creating tree ornaments. They can be made with colorful paper and decorated and have strings glued to them to create homemade ornaments that the gift recipient will love. But your child doesn't have to make ornaments. How about a small basketful of these colorful shapes?

A Storybook

Does your child enjoy writing stories?

If so, then how about having her write and illustrate a storybook to give to a loved one? There are several ways to create a story book. One way is to use colored construction paper and white printer paper. Your child can write and illustrate her story on the white paper and then, using a glue stick or rubber cement, glue the pages onto the construction paper.

Before beginning the project, decide on the measurements you want the book to be. Cut the construction paper so that it has the height and width your child wants. However, keep in mind that the book needs to be a little wider than the inside pages will be because some of the inside margins will be used to bind the pages together.

Measure the height for the white paper to be about 1/2" less than that of the colored paper. That will give you a colorful 1/4" top and bottom margin for each page. The white paper should be about 1" less wide than the construction paper. When the white paper is glued to the construction paper, you should glue it so that 1/4" of the colored construction paper shows on the top, the bottom and on the OUTSIDE margin.

Once you have have the pieces of paper cut, you can have your child write out her story and illustrate it on the white pieces of paper. Be sure she numbers her pages with a small number on the bottom right of the paper! When she is all done, you can help her glue the pages onto the construction paper making sure the margins are 1/4" on the top and on the bottom. You will glue the story pages so that there is a 1/4" margin on the outside margins and 3/4" on the inside margins. The inside margin is where the center of the book will be when the pages are bound together. Remember that one page will be the cover page, the front of the book. When all the pages are glued to the construction paper pages, you can cut holes about 1/2" from the edge of the left of the book (where you should have 3/4" margins). Then thread some ribbon through the holes and tied them together to bind the book!

The Family Fun Web site has an idea for another way to create a cute story book that your child might have fun with.

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