Creative Photo Pregnancy Announcements

Fun Ways to Announce Your Pregnancy with Photos

Pregnancy Announcement
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One of the neatest things about pregnancies today is the creative lengths that families go to in order to make a really memorable and creative announcement. This often extends baby name announcements, gender reveals, and even birth announcements. (See also: When to Announce Your Pregnancy)

But you also only get one chance to announce your pregnancy. Given how far some people are from families or even just how connected they are on social media, using something like a photo to announce a pregnancy is something people are doing a lot. It can be a real photo or a faked photo, but the idea is the same - some creative and fun way to announce your pregnancy. Here are some ideas that you can try to build on your own or think up a crazy idea and find someone from Etsy to put it into play for you.

Our House Will Grow by 2 Feet This Year

Our House Will Grow by 2 Feet This Year
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This is a fun little way to announce the newest baby in your life. It's great in that it can be used for your first baby or any baby thereafter. You can also use a different photo, for example, have a pregnant belly with two shoes on it, or even have mom and dad holding a pair of baby shoes. You can do this with smiles, or be silly and have dad looking surprised.

This might also be good with a construction theme. I can see it done with photos of 2 X 4 boards, or babies in construction helmets. This would really work well if mom or dad is in a construction or decorating related job.

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Road Sign Pregnancy Announcement
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I love these road signs and they are a bit more room for text than other available announcement type products. This doesn't look as realistic as some products, but it is fun, never the less. This is great for a traveler, car enthusiast, etc. You could also take photos of local road signs and alter your images or use something online such as this site.

Sand Written Pregnancy Announcement

Sand Due Next Summer
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Do you love the beach? Do you want to announce a baby who is due in the summer? Then doing something like writing in the sand might be a great way to announce a pregnancy or even the sex of your baby. While there are a bunch of sand writing programs out there that you can use to write your pregnancy announcements in there are only some that include a photo of a realistic beach. This one is nice because it actually has the look of a beach and the water.

Conversation Hearts as a Pregnancy Announcement

New Baby Conversation Heart
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This is a great idea, particularly if you are announcing your pregnancy near Valentine's Day or even if your due date is near Valentine's Day. You can select the color and everything if you go to some of the online conversation heart generators.

Church Signs for a Pregnancy Announcement

Church Signs for a Pregnancy Announcement
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There are a couple of sites out there that let you make realistic looking church signs. The one at Says It was nice because it gave you a ton of options to customize the sign. There were over a dozen signs types to choose from, including the ability to alter the symbols and denomination. You could also alter the fonts.

Skywriting as a Pregnancy Announcement

Skywriting - you know, it's what airplanes do! That would probably be pretty expensive to hire, but alas, you could also "fake it" with this tutorial on skywriting fonts. This is a great way to announce a pregnancy for pilots and their families or people who just love blue skies. This is also a certainly less expensive way to do it than to rent a plane to actually do it in the air!

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