Creative Valentine's Day Fun

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Valentine's Day activities for kids are fairly easy to find. How many of them, though, encourage and nurture your child's creativity? Those kinds of activities might be a little harder to find. With a little creativity of your own, you find some activities or come up with your own! Here are some ideas to get you started.

Creative Crafts

Start with the symbols and meaning of Valentine's Day: the color red, hearts, cupids, and bows and arrows.

Then collect some art supplies for those symbols. Here is a list of ideas:

  1. Red crayons or markers
  2. Red paint
  3. Red ribbons
  4. Red (and white) construction paper
  5. Hearts, cupids, and bows and arrows

The hearts, cupids, and bows and arrows can be found in craft stores or in craft sections of department stores. You can find plastic ones that are flat or 3-dimensional. It doesn't really matter, but the more variety you have, the more options your child has for getting creative. Of course, a creation might need some additional fancy touches, so you might want to gather some additional items like glitter or white lace. And don't forget glue and scissors!

Once you have collected the supplies, just let your child create! Some children might need a little direction to get started, so you could suggest the possibilities: a Valentine's Day card, a Valentine's Day picture, or Valentine's Day work of art. The idea is for your child to use the supplies to express her thoughts and feelings about the day and the people he loves.

It could also be about the things he loves. Why not express his love for his favorite hero? Or her favorite doll? Or even for the planet? If your child needs an example of a creative idea to get her started, show her the tree heart from DLTK.

If your child has a hard time drawing the shapes he wants, try printing out some stencils and templates:

Another option is to print out some pictures meant to be colored and use them as templates. Of course, your child can also color them an then incorporated into the artwork. Some pictures are already colored and are meant to be used to create Valentine's cards. You can alter the size of the pictures with any graphics program too! Kaboose has some great Valentine's Day pictures and coloring pages.

Creative Writing

Does your child enjoy making up stories? If so, encourage her to write them out. Fiction writing is a wonderful creating outlet for kids, especially verbally gifted ones! But your child doesn't have to be a verbally gifted one in order for you to encourage story telling activities. Story telling is an excellent way for your child to exercise his imagination.

If your child is suffering from writer's block -- and what great writer doesn't one time or another? -- you can help her break that block by giving her some suggestions on how to come up with story ideas.

One idea is to just look at a picture and make up a story to fit:

Another idea is to get started with some Valentine's story prompts. Prompts offer basic story lines or sometimes an opening sentence or paragraph to a story.

Yet another idea is to have your child write some "fan fiction." Fan fiction is fiction written by fans of a particular piece of fiction. For example, fans of Harry Potter will write stories that include the characters and settings from the series, but will have original plots and dialogue. Does your child have a favorite book? Or book series? If so, then he might like to imagine them in a Valentine's Day story.

But fan fiction doesn't have to be based on a book. If your child has a favorite movie, she can create stories based on the characters in the movie.

Maybe there were two characters in the movie that your child thinks would make a great couple. Or your child can create a new character to fall in love with one of the characters from the story. Maybe a character in one book or movie might even meet a character in another one!

If your child needs some ideas on what a Valentine's Day story is like, here are some Valentine's Day stories she might like to read:

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