Creative Ways to Give Thanks on Thanksgiving

Creative Ways to Help Kids Show Gratitude

Thanksgiving is often a busy time for people, but it's also a time we should stop and consider the things we have to be thankful for. Here are some things you and your family can do to put some focus on giving thanks.

Make Some Thanksgiving Crafts

Little Girl Making Paper Chain
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Are you looking for some fun Thanksgiving crafts for the kids? One of my favorites is a Thanksgiving Paper Chain. It's easy enough that the kids can do it on their own, and it helps them focus on the idea of giving thanks on Thanksgiving.

Another simple craft that puts the focus on the thanks in Thanksgiving is the Giving Thanks Jar. The kids can make the jar, but the whole family uses it to give thanks.

Write a Story or Poem of Thanks

Ask your child to think of something a family member did for them and how it made a difference in her life. Then have her write a story or poem based on what was done and how it made a difference. While it would be nice to come up with something a family member did, it doesn't have to be someone in the family. We all have people in our lives who do things that make a difference to us. We don't always get a chance to tell them either.

After your child has written the story or poem, she can decorate it if she likes. If it's a story, she can make a little book out of it and illustrate it, either drawing her own pictures or using clipart she can find on the computer (with your help if necessary). If it's a poem, she can print it neatly on some card stock paper, either white or colored. She can decorate the card if she likes and even put it in a frame.

Your child can read the poem or story after Thanksgiving dinner. Or, if you have company, the kids can read their stories or poems while everyone is waiting for dinner to be served. This is especially a nice thing to do if one of the guests is the person your child has written about. What's important, though, is that your child has thought about the other person and has expressed her gratitude (and exercised a little creativity at the same time).

Write a Note

If your child is not a creative writer, she can still write something about a person who did something that was special to her. Instead of writing a story and poem about it, your child can write a simple note that explains what it was the person had done and how it made a difference to her. She can write about how it changed her view of things or changed her attitude or how it gave her more confidence. In order to write this note, your child will have to think about what others have done for her. It's a wonderful way to appreciate what people do to help us out. Your child can then send the note to the person. This is a good way to get your child used to the idea of writing Thank You notes to people.

Draw a Picture

If your child is artistic, he can draw or paint some pictures with Thanksgiving themes that you can use to decorate the house. You can even make placements out of their pictures to use for your Thanksgiving dinner. All you have to do is place the picture in between two pieces of wax paper and then iron it.

Compose a Song

Musical children can compose a song to be sung or played.

Put on a Play

The kids can also write a play and perform it for the guests.

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