Crib and Changer Units

Nursery Furniture With Modern Appeal

In light of new standards for crib safety, parents may be looking for some safer options for their nursery. Combination crib and changer pieces are becoming more popular for several reasons. Many parents appreciate the practical design, while others may be looking for furniture for small nurseries. Here are some great options for crib and changer nursery furniture that meets a wide range of budgets.

Delta Dakota Crib and Changer

Crib and changer
Delta Dakota Crib and Changer. PriceGrabber

The Delta Dakota Crib and Changer features clean lines and a warm cider colored wood. At a reasonable price range, this crib and changer can be good value for the money.


  • Converts from crib to toddler bed, to daybed, to full size bed.
  • Changing table has an enclosed, small pull out hamper and four open shelves in the back.
  • Under the crib storage drawer.
  • Includes the non-standard sized changing pad.
  • Great solution for smaller nurseries or tight budgets.


  • Reports that the wood scratches easily
  • Changing table does not convert into a night stand. No use with full size bed.
  • May be of poorer quality and stability.
  • Only available in cider finish.
  • May be difficult to find matching furniture.

Dimensions: Length 53.75", Width 32.25", Height 47.8"

Delta Shelby Crib and Changer

The Delta Shelby Crib Changer
The Delta Shelby Crib Changer is an elegant option. PriceGrabber

Though similar to the Delta Dakota, the Shelby Crib and changer has a few differences. It has curved lines rather than the straight lines of the Dakota. It also is much bigger than the Dakota, so may not be the best choice if space is an issue. Also, it is available in three finishes: cherry, expresso, and white. With the added options, comes a slightly higher price-tag, but not by much. 

An advantage over the Dakota is that parents may have an easier time finding matching furniture pieces such as baby dressers and armoires. Refer to the Delta Dakota's list of pros and cons for insights into the Shelby.

Dimensions: Length 71.75", Width 31.13",  Height 45.13 "

BSF Austin Convertible Crib 'n Changer Combo

The BSF Austin Convertible Crib 'n Changer Combo has a modern design. It has clean lines and sits lower to the ground (possibly great for shorter parents who no longer can use drop-side rails).


  • Review as being sturdy and secure.
  • Changing table detaches and functions as a night stand when used as a full-sized bed.
  • Available in cherry, espresso, and white finish.
  • Converts from crib to toddler, to daybed to full-size bed.
  • Parents feel it is of adequate craftmanship for the price.


  • Reports that the wood scratches easily.
  • Drawers made of particle board.
  • Negative reports of the white finish being yellowed or discolored.
  • Matching furniture pieces not available, but may be easily coordinated.

Dimensions: Length 71.3", Wide 29.49", Height 35"

Sorelle Tuscany Convertible Crib and Changer Combo

Sorelle Tuscany
Sorelle Tuscany Crib and Changer. PriceGrabber

Slightly more expensive than the above 3 selections, you should be able to find the sleigh-style Sorelle Tuscany Convertible Crib and Changer Combo for about $350 to $500. And perhaps there is something to the increased price, it seems to receive more consistently positive reviews than the others.


  • Also has 4 conversions.
  • Changing table can be used as nightstand/dresser with the full-sized bed.
  • Available in white, cherry, and espresso.
  • Sorelle makes a matching 4 drawer dresser.
  • Comes with special sized changing pad.
  • Sturdy design and good craftsmanship.
  • Solid wood frame.
  • Drawers have metal euro glides


  • Slightly more expensive than other crib changer pieces.
  • May not fit in smaller nurseries.

Dimensions: Length 72",  Width 35", Height 44"

Sorelle Cape Cod 4-in-1 Convertible Crib With Changer

Sorelle Cape Cod
Sorelle Cape Cod. PriceGrabber

The Sorelle Cape Cod 4-in-1 Crib and Changer is beautifully designed and very well constructed. I love the bun-feet and sloping camel-back style. This crib is of higher quality, and because of that, you'll pay a higher price ($400-$550).


  • The Sorelle Vista line pairs well for added furniture pieces.
  • Full bed uses both head and foot boards.
  • Changer doubles as nightstand.
  • Sturdier construction may lend to greater longevity of use.
  • Metal slide drawer guides.
  • Solid wood construction.


  • Only available in french white.
  • Higher price.
  • Larger in size than other crib and changer units.
  • Toddler rails sold separately.

Dimensions: Length 77", Width 31", Height 53"

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