Cruise Ship Phobia

Fear of Cruise Ships

Cruise ship at sunset
Matteo Colombo/Getty Images

I recently wrote a two-part article series on Phobias at Sea and thought that I covered pretty much all aspects of cruising that could trigger phobias: fear of water, fear of being stuck on the ship, even the fear of catching a shipboard disease, such as norovirus. However, a reader informed me that I missed a very big category: fear of the ship itself.

What Is Cruise Ship Phobia?

A fear of cruise ships and a phobia of cruise ships are not the same and sometimes only a trained clinician can tell the difference.

Cruise ship phobia is not a fear of the ocean or even of boats in general. In fact, you may feel no fear about going on your father's small boat, but large ships terrify you.

You don't have to be in physical proximity to a cruise ship or even on board to have a phobic reaction. For example, photos and drawings of the Titanic could cause anxiety. Even a simple mention of the ship's name could trigger you.

The exact nature of this fear differs from person to person, which is common with phobias. Some sufferers may have a phobi

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