A List of Six of the Best Cushioned Running Shoes

Top Shoes for Runners Who Want More Cushioning in Their Shoes

Cushioned running shoes provide more flexibility and cushioning than typical running shoes. They tend to be more padded and comfortable compared to regular running shoes. Thus, such shoes are often preferred by runners and other athletes alike.

Runners who generally do best in a cushioned shoe are those with high arches, a ridged foot and a tendency to supinate (roll outward during the foot strike). Runners with a neutral foot strike also find the cushioned running shoe a great choice for comfort and flexibility. If you want to try a cushioned shoe, look for shoes described as flexible, cushioned, or neutral.

Below is a list of some of the most popular cushioned running shoes on the market.

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All Mizuno Wave models are specifically made to reduce and redirect the impact your foot takes when hitting the ground with every foot strike. This feature makes most Mizuno running shoes good for those with high arches. The Rider is a good choice for runners looking for a nice blend of cushion and neutral support in a shoe.


The Brooks Glycerin is one of the most cushioned running shoes that I have tried on. It may be considered too soft for many runners, but if you have a very high arch this shoe provides a whole lot of bounce and give. Runners can endure long training runs over varied terrain with little foot fatigue while wearing the Glycerin.


Nike is one of the most trusted performance apparel companies, so it is no surprise that they offer one of the better cushioned running shoes. One of the original cushioned running shoes, the Pegasus is still on the best-selling list over three decades after its initial introduction.

Originally introduced in 1983, the Air Pegasus shoe offers adequate support and stability thanks to the new midfoot Flywire system that "ensures a lockdown fit and dynamic support," but still has plenty of cushioning to reduce road shock. The Air Pegasus is a nice overall trainer.


The Asics Nimbus is top in the field of cushioned running shoes and gets high marks year after year from runners who love the perfect fit, loads of cushion and just enough support. The foam-lined inside makes the shoe fit close, but without any pressure points. The asymmetrical lacing system, which is showing up on more and more shoes, is another nice feature.


This popular training shoe from Saucony offers more cushioning in the midfoot without giving up weight and speed. The Triumph provides great cushion and breathability in a neutral shoe.


Adidas named this shoe perfectly. The Response Cushion is a lightweight, flexible and cushioned trainer that can take lots of pounding without causing foot fatigue. This Adidas running shoe has every necessary feature a neutral shoe needs, with a price that fits most budgets.


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