Custom Concerts for Seniors at Home Over the Internet

Perfect Gift. Perfect Marketing Tool.

Anthony Cirillo's Concerts for Caregivers takes the concert to the home through an interactive platform. Here he is entertaining in a NJ SNF. Anthony Cirillo

Many in the aging services professions are aware of the power of music in healing and particularly with dementia and Alzheimer’s patients. Many shut in elders rarely experience a live music event. Anthony Cirillo has changed that by offering custom concerts for seniors at home through the internet. It is a perfect gift and also can be used as a value-added service by senior care companies.

Many Alzheimer's patients can remember and sing songs even in advanced stages, long after they've stopped recognizing names and faces.

Dementia care homes often use music as recreation, since it brings patients pleasure.

There's growing evidence that listening to music can also help stimulate seemingly lost memories and even help maintain some cognitive functioning.

In an Alzheimer’s Association newsletter, John Carpenter, founder of the world-renowned Rebecca Center for Music Therapy in New York, shared that music helps stimulate communication and memory skills. Listening to live music and being involved in live music-making experiences empowers people to emerge from the isolation imposed by Alzheimer's disease and dementia or simply from loneliness.

Yet there are settings where it is hard to bring live music in such as to home health or hospice at home clients. At least that was until now.

Anthony Cirillo, FACHE, expert in Senior Care for, is a noted healthcare consultant who fell into a mission for elders when he started singing in nursing homes.

He performs anywhere from 75-100 shows a year live in addition to his busy schedule as a professional speaker and consultant.

He desired to reach more people and now offers live streaming concerts over the Internet that can be viewed on smart TVs, computers, and mobile devices.

Here’s how it works.

  1. A home health or hospice company identifies people that could benefit from their very own one-on-one customized concert. Likewise, a family caregiver, child or grandchild can gift a concert to a loved one.
  1. Anthony has a huge repertoire of songs to choose from and knows how to engage seniors.
  2. Working with the person or their family, you provide an idea of the types of music or specific songs that this person would like to hear. Concerts are 30 minutes long so about 10 songs.
  3. When ready, go to:
  4. Select two 30-minute date and time options. When completing the description, tell Anthony who the concert is for, a little bit about the person, and the songs styles or specific songs you would like to hear.
  5. Anthony will schedule the concert on a platform called Stage It. You will receive a confirmation with further instructions.

Subscription or Pay As You Go

An organization can buy a six-month subscription at various price points allowing for a certain amount of concerts per period. Or an organization can pay as they go.

Viewing Options

You can view shows on your computer, laptop, mobile device and smart TV and you can even hook up your computer or mobile device to a TV.


Perhaps your loved one or client wants to ask Anthony a question or make a request. No problem. Two-way interaction is possible.

Way to Involve the Community and Foster Inter-generational Bonds

A staff member does not necessarily need to be the person viewing the concert with your client.

Work with local schools and have students adopt home-bound elders. They can visit for an hour, watch the concert, and then talk about it. And tech-smart students will have no issues managing the Stage It platform or the technology issues.

Key Marketing Strategy

One of the best ways to spread positive word of mouth and generate referrals is to give something away. These concerts are an ideal venue for just that. You will be providing clients and their families an invaluable, thoughtful and customized experience that they will tell others about.


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