Dad-to-Be Gag Gift

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There is a lot of emphasis on the mom-to-be in the process of pregnancy. This really extends to the baby shower in a very dramatic fashion. Sure, we are trying to fix that by having co-ed baby showers, or even inviting the dad for part of the party, but still, a guy can wind up feeling very left out.

One thing that you can do is to make him a gift as well. While this is listed as a gag gift, it’s really practical, but humorous.

 All you need is a large container and some small gifts with a list of what the items are to be used for either during labor or after the baby is born.

For the Large Container

  • Baby bath tub
  • Diaper pail
  • Daddy Diaper Bag
  • Bucket
  • Plastic Pin

For the Gifts Inside

  • Ibuprofen – for headaches caused by stress, or screaming babies
  • Tongs – for carrying away the dirty diapers
  • Apron – to avoid being sprayed or getting dirty in the diaper changing process
  • Nose plug – to avoid smelling diapers
  • Ear plugs to get a good night’s sleep or drown out the sounds of an unhappy baby
  • Sleep mask – for the daytime naps you’ll probably be taking
  • Bottle of wine – to celebrate baby’s birth
  • Condoms – just in case
  • Caffeinated beverages – for the long nights ahead
  • Massage lotion – to help ease tension for mom in labor or afterward
  • Dad related books and pamphlets (You can even write some of your own for fun!)
  • Gift card for dinner out
  • Eye protection to avoid getting squirted in the face
  • Disinfectant spray – to help clean
  • A cheat sheet for labor – all the basics he’ll need to know
  • Travel size toiletries for the hospital or birth center (toothpaste, brush, mouth wash, etc.)
  • One handed snacks – think granola bars, etc. He’s about to have his hands full!
  • A t-shirt that says, “I’m the dad!” “World’s Greatest Dad” or something like that.
  • Baby proofing items – never too early to start
  • Candy – to share his sweet life
  • Hand sanitizer – to keep hands clean

You can do this a couple of ways – one of which is to simply purchase items yourself and give them as a gift. Or you can have people attending the baby shower bring a little something for the gift.

You could even turn this into a baby shower game. Gather up the items before hand. Put them on a tray and have everyone guess what the meaning behind the item is for the gift. Have a method of selecting one of the guesses. This can be letting the mother-to-be choose the best, or have a group vote on which one they like the best. Have a scribe write them down and put it in with the items before you gift it to the dad-to-be. If you wanted to award a prize, perhaps let the mom select the most creative overall and the prize would go to that person. You could also select the one who gave the most selected answers for the final document. You can just have the scribe keep count with hash marks by the guests names.

This can be a lot of fun for everyone to participate in, and it also allows dad to feel like he’s a part of this pregnancy and baby as well. Always try to record the dad opening the gifts.

 This makes for great social media fodder after the baby shower, particularly if you have a private space in which to share it. It allows everyone who helped participate in the gifting.

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