Dads and Pregnancy

10 Tips for Dads to Make the Most of Pregnancy

A happy pregnant couple
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When I asked my husband about an article for dads, I wanted to know what a dad or partner might like to read. His suggestion was to give some tips for dads to make mom more comfortable. I've included some of his tips here and some tips from other fathers and mothers as well, but I did have to remind him to practice what he preaches! So here are some ideas for dads to help mom feel more comfortable in pregnancy and ensure you've got one happy pregnant couple.

Rub her feet.

Doing a hand or foot massage can help relieve a lot of tension and give you some quiet time to talk. I prefer using a mint lotion on my feet to help invigorate myself. Ask her what he preference is for lotion.

Clean the bathroom.

This might sound like something that is very low priority but who wants to throw up in a dirty toilet? This is one of the best things my husband does for me!

Show interest in the baby or pregnancy.

Yes, you're discussing baby names for the umpteenth time, but it's important to her and ultimately you. Go to appointments when you can, if you have trouble getting away be sure to make it to the big ones like the first heartbeat and the ultrasounds.

Take her out to dinner.

Don't forget date night! Sometimes it seems like your fetus has taken over your life months before it gets here. Remember to spend time as a couple.

Take childbirth classes.

Don't worry about turning green or looking silly.

These classes will help you tremendously once she's in labor. A good class should prepare you for anything along the way. It also gives you a chance to ask questions.

Fill up the gas tank.

Sounds silly, but the fumes can make her feel ill and aren't good for her or your baby. This small act of kindness will go along way.

Read a pregnancy or baby related book.

It doesn't have to be a high tech serious book, but showing her you have interests on your own about the pregnancy can ease her fears. Not to mention reading can give you an edge up and provide you with some talking points for future conversations. There are also many websites designed for dads.

Let her nap!

If mom is exhausted an hour nap when she comes home can make a world of difference, as could sleeping in on the weekend. You might even take it one step further and provide breakfast in bed.

Feel the baby move.

You've heard it more than once, "Just put your hand right here…" All of sudden she reports that the baby has stopped moving now. Try resting your hand on her belly during TV time or while you're laying in bed. (Ask first!) Chances are the longer you leave it there the more likely you are to be rewarded with the thumps and flutters she so longs for you to feel.

Keep things running smoothly.

This can a variety of things from helping to pay the bills, without complaining, to arranging childcare for an afternoon off. Allow her some alone time where she can relax and do what she wants, shop, read, nap, swim, etc. By helping to ensure small things don't fall by the wayside you will make the household a happier one.

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