Dads, Give Your Wife The Perfect Mother's Day Gift

Give mom the only gift she really wants: child care

Dear Dads,

Mother's Day is around the corner so it is time to start thinking about the perfect Mother's Day gift for your wife...the mother of your children. Whether your wife is celebrating her 1st or 15th Mother's Day, there is one gift that is perfect for any mom: the gift of impeccable child care. 

Now you may be thinking that taking care of the kids on Mother's Day is a simple task. After all, you co-parent on a daily basis, share responsibilities and step up when necessary.

However, Mother's Day child care has its own rules. I know as a co-parent you technically do not fall into the category of child care provider, but for this one day, you are a Daddy Daycare and Mrs. Doubtfire. Raise the child care standards and go for Mary Poppins.

Take on the characteristics of the perfect manny. For this one day, do all you can to create less stress, less responsibilities and less chores for mom. This task requires dads to refrain from giving gifts that have the possibility of creating stress, responsibility or mess. Mother's Day child care requires you to think about the consequences of what may be an otherwise thoughtful gift.

Not the Perfect Gift

  • Booking brunch at a fancy restaurant where the children will get into an argument about seats at the table, one child will refuse to eat anything on the menu and mom will not get to take more than 5 bites of her meal.
  • Cooking breakfast in bed for mom with the help of your children and then leaving the mess for mom to clean. 
  • Making a DIY card at home with your kids involving glitter, paint and glue. Not cleaning up or minimally clearing the table and not noticing all the glitter in the carpet.

  • Booking date night for the night before Mother's Day and then being tired the next day and slacking on child care.
  • Handing your wife a gift certificate for a massage or pedicure. Unless you are booking the appointment for Mother's Day and watching the kids, a gift certificate is as useless as those home-made coupon books for free hugs. (Coupon books are cute gift ideas for kids to give mom).
  • Assuming that the BBQ at your in laws counts as a gift for your wife.​
  • Buying a card and flowers and thinking you are off the hook You might as well have booked a guys trip for the weekend. 

Perfect Gifts

  • A massage, facial or manicure/pedicure. Call a local spa in advance so you can get an appointment for Mother's Day. Watch the kids while she is getting pampered.
  • If a spa treatment is not in the budget, create the experience at home. Draw her a bubble bath: light some candles, put on some music and keep the kids occupied.
  • Go out for brunch or dinner without the kids. Book a babysitter, tell mom to put on some (non-mom) jeans and pick a restaurant you know she will like.
  • If you are going to take on the task of cooking a meal, look up a recipe for one of her favorite meals and leave the kitchen spotless when you are done. Set the table and let her relax and enjoy her meal while you serve her. 

  • Do the project she's been asking you to do for months. For example: put up that fence, reupholster those chairs or help her plant the flowers she's been nagging you about. Take some initiative and be creative - do the tasks she hasn't had time for. 

  • Arrange a surprise lunch with her friends. Contact some of the husband's of your wife's friends and make plans ahead of time for all of the dads to babysit for the kids. Make the reservations and send the moms out to lunch. She will get to have lunch with her friends and get to spend the rest of the day with you and the kids.
  • Plan an activity for you and your wife to do without the kids. Think of things she has been mentioning (and maybe you don't like and have not agreed to in the past).  Offer to go see a  chick-flick or go dancing. 
  • Give mom the whole day off. Take on child care responsibilities from morning till bedtime. Allow mom to sleep in and have the day to do whatever she wants. Maybe she wants to read a book without being interrupted, watch a non-Disney movie, go shopping without a time-limit and not worry about what is for dinner. 

Ignore all the websites telling you to buy bags, makeup or perfume for Mother's Day. Save those for her birthday. Mother's Day is an opportunity to show your wife how much you recognize and appreciate all she does for you and your family. This Mother's Day, thank your wife for all she does with thoughtful gestures and a day filled with love and gratitude.

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