5 Dates You Can Take With Your Baby

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We all know that date night is important to maintain a healthy relationship once kids arrive on the scene, right? Even the American Psychological Association states that it's important for couples to stay connected and work on their relationships. "There are good reasons to make the effort," notes the APA. "In one study, for example, researchers found couples that reported boredom during their seventh year of marriage were significantly less satisfied with their relationships nine years later."

OK, so making the effort to stay connected through date nights as a couple is super important, maybe even more so after kids come along. 

But getting those date nights in? Is a little more complicated. 

I admit that with four kids, including a new(ish) baby on the scene, my husband and I are definitely not getting date night in on a regular basis. Babysitters are expensive and without fail, someone will get sick the day we're scheduled to go out anyways. 

And honestly, I'm OK with not going out as much as we used to. Our babies are only little for such a short time anyways and it's important to both of us to enjoy all the time we can soaking up their babyhood. However, loving our babies doesn't mean resigning ourselves to a lifetime stuck in the house watching those babies learn to roll over, does it? 

When it works out, I'm a big fan of simply bringing the baby along for family fun or a spontaneous date night with my husband.

It's easier on me as a breastfeeding mom and I don't have to worry about who can watch the baby. (Not to mention, it's cheaper too!) Here are a few date night ideas for you to try with baby in tow!

Date Night Ideas With Baby:

Have dinner out. One of my favorite times to enjoy a date-night dinner is when the baby is still a newborn.

You can count on the baby to sleep for longer periods of time and they will stay snug as a bug in their infant car seat. I always tell new moms to sneak in a few dinners earlier rather than later with baby, because newborns are a lot easier to cart to a restaurant than toddlers! 

Hit the movies. As a first-time mom, I was petrified to take my baby to the movie theater--what if she cried? Would I upset someone? I was too nervous to try it, but this time around? I didn't want to miss out on the family fun when my husband suggested a move night and we couldn't find a sitter. Again, aim to do this date when the baby is small and invest in a soft swaddling wrap. (I use a Boba wrap and have a lot of friends who love the Moby wrap too.) My daughter loved snuggling against me in the wrap and we both enjoyed the movie! 

Take a walk downtown. I'm a pretty simple gal and I love being outside, so one of our favorite date activities is simply to take a walk together. Pop a coffee in your hand and the baby in the stroller and you may even have time to have an uninterrupted conversation. Which is basically a miracle. 

Go for a drive. On more than one occasion, we've reached our destination to go home only to discover that the baby has fallen asleep.

Rather than ruin the fun and nap time, just keep driving--a mini road trip is a great way to reconnect and enjoy the silence of a sleeping baby. 

Buckle up for a bike ride. Once your baby is old enough to sit up, consider investing in a bike carrier or a seat for the back of your bike. You can get some fresh air and sunshine while the baby is safely strapped in. This is by far one of our favorite activities and the younger you start your baby, the more he or she will be used to tagging along for the ride. 

What do you do for date night when you don't have a sitter?


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