Deaf and Hard of Hearing Community Events

What's Happening When?

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Within the deaf and hard of hearing community, there are events that recognize hearing loss and historic deaf people, sports events, and professional events.

Deaf Awareness Events


Deaf History Month
For a period covering approximately a month from March 13 to April 15, deaf history and deaf heritage are celebrated.


Mother, Father Deaf Day
Did you know that there is a day to honor deaf parents at the end of April?


Better Hearing and Speech Month
Every May is national Better Hearing and Speech Month.


Deaf-Blind Awareness Week
The last week in June is always Deaf-Blind Awareness Week.


Deaf Awareness Week
We salute Deaf Awareness Week, always held the last full week in September.


Clerc-Gallaudet Week
A week in early December that honors Laurent Clerc and Thomas Gallaudet.

Deaf Professional Events

Conventions and Conferences
In the deaf and hard of hearing community, many conferences and conventions take place in the summer.

Deaf Sports Events

The Deaflympics is the deaf and hard of hearing community's answer to the Olympics.

General Deaf Events

Deaf in Summertime
What is there for a deaf person to do in the summer? Plenty.

Event Calendars
This frequently asked questions (FAQ) page provides some sources for event calendars for the deaf community.

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