Deaf Fun - Glad to Be Deaf

Pollyanna Thoughts Aside, What Makes You Glad to Be Deaf?

Deaf school children signing
Why we like being deaf. BRIAN MITCHELL / Getty Images

While we may have moments when we wonder what it would be like to be hearing, there are also moments when we are glad to be deaf! About Deafness newsletter subscribers were asked to contribute their top reasons for being glad to be deaf. Here are their reasons (including mine, which is the first one on the list)!


  1. I'm glad to be deaf because it means that when I use a public restroom, I don't have to hear other people doing their business!
  1. My five-year-old deaf daughter would probably say "I'm glad I'm deaf because I can close my eyes and not hear or see my mom tell me things I don't want to do!!!!!
  2. I'm not deaf, but my 3 1/2-year-old son is. I think he would say that it's great not to have to listen to my mommy nag at me all day!
  3. I am glad I am deaf because now there are no distractions and I can hear God better.
  4. I feel my hearing disability has enabled me to become a good listener.
  5. I am glad I am hard of hearing so I do not have to hear the noise in the New York City subways.
  6. I am glad I'm deaf cause when my kids get the whinies in the car I can use my volume control and not listen to it!
  7. I am glad I'm deaf because my husband's snoring does not bother me.
  8. I am glad I'm deaf because the train going thru town does not wake me up in the night. (from your guide: And I'm glad I'm deaf because I can sleep through thunderstorms!)
  9. I am glad I'm deaf so I can excuse myself on the phone to telemarketers who talk a mile a minute and I can say "I am deaf and I can't hear you!" and hang up. (from your guide: Or you get fewer telemarketing calls if you are deaf - unless you are married to a hearing person)
  1. I'm glad I am deaf so I don't have to overhear other people's mundane conversations!
  2. I am glad i am deaf because the deaf community is so small and everyone knows everyone almost and we bond very easily not like the hearing community.
  3. I am glad that i am deaf because at night can't hear my parents doing "it"!
  1. I'm not deaf, but my parents are. I'm glad that they are deaf so I can have friends over and scream and they won't notice.

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