Deafness Around the World - From South Africa to Mexico

Deafness is international, and has looked at international deaf communities in countries ranging from Argentina to South Africa. Deaf people in other countries have their own sign languages, cultures, and organizations.


South Africa
South Africa is one of the economically healthiest countries in Africa. The country has a national association for the deaf, multiple schools for the deaf, and its own sign language.


Australia has its own sign language called Auslan.
It has many clubs for the deaf, and is home to the Cochlear Corporation.

China's deaf community is substantial. It boasts schools for the deaf, organizations for the deaf, even a technical college for the deaf.

Topics covered in this article include deaf education, nongovernmental organizations supporting deaf people in India, and the country's deaf history.


Formerly part of the Soviet Union, Armenia is a small country with only two schools for the deaf and limited opportunities for deaf school graduates. Guest article by Marina Nercessian.

Germany has its own sign language, associations of the deaf, and plenty of deaf websites in German.

Ireland has a handful of deaf associations, several schools, and its own sign language.

Latin America

Argentina has its own sign language, a strong deaf community, and national organizations for the deaf.

Brazil has multiple associations and schools for the deaf, and a thriving sign language.

It is possible to go on deaf tours of Colombia, and the country has schools for the deaf and a clinic similar to the John Tracy Clinic in the United States.

Mexico has schools for the deaf, its own sign language, and organizations including affiliates of the U.S. Alexander Graham Bell Association for the Deaf and Hard of Hearing.

Peru is a relatively poor country, but does have an association for the deaf and its own sign language.

Middle East

Iran has numerous schools for the deaf, celebrates deafness annually, and even has its own cochlear implant center.

North America

Canada's deaf community is large, diversified, and well established. Deaf and hard of hearing people and their families can find the right organizations and services for their needs.

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International Deaf Missions and Ministries
Did you know that missionary groups spread faith and do other good works for deaf communities globally?

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