Decorating Ideas for a Valentine Box

Valentine's day
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Is your tween getting ready for a classroom Valentine party? If he or she has to make a Valentine box, there are a number of fun decorating ideas to consider. Just grab your supplies, your shoe box, and get creative. Below is a little Valentine box inspiration.

Valentine Box Decorating Ideas

Your tween can make a unique valentine box by thinking outside the box. But first you'll need to gather your supplies.

Your child will need one shoe box, scissors, construction paper in a variety of colors but red, white and pink in particular, glue, markers, tape, crayons, and old magazines for their pictures, headlines, ads, etc.

Valentine Box Themes

  • Focus on Family: Decorate your valentine box with pictures of family members, including family pets, grandparents, cousins, etc.
  • Heart-a-Rama: Cover the shoe box with white construction paper, then glue pink, red, and purple paper hearts all over the box. Your child can write something she loves on each heart. Such as: I love my sister, I love ice cream, I love my pet hamster, etc.
  • Make an Autograph Valentine Box: Turn your child's valentine box into a keepsake with autographs. After your child has covered the box with construction paper, ask friends and family to leave their autograph on the box.
  • Show Your Passion: Your child can show his or her passion all over the valentine box. Is your tween into soccer, piano, dance or gymnastics? Use the valentine box as a way to show off his or her passion.
  • Make it Comical: Your child can make a Valentine box in minutes by covering the shoe box with the comics page from your Sunday newspaper.
  • Be Funny: Some tweens just don't get into the romance of Valentine's Day. In that case, your child can show his or her sense of humor, right on the Valentine box. Just have your preteen cover the shoebox with construction paper, then write funny Valentine jokes on the box. Example: What did the chocolate syrup say to the ice cream? Answer: I'm sweet on you!
  • Go Hollywood:Your tween can use the shoe box to share his or her favorite show, singer, or celebrity personality.

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