Definition and Symptoms of Mania

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Mania is a psychological and biological state that can range from mild to severe and debilitating. Mania involves extreme behaviors such as irritability, excessive happiness, over-reaction, difficulty concentrating, rapid and non-stop speech, dangerous behavior, heightened interest in sex, impaired decision-making, spending large sums of money, and grandiose ideas. Incidents of mania are sometimes referred to as manic episodes or severe mood swings.

Mania can range from mild to disabling, and it may be part of a major mood disorder or organic mental disorder such as bipolar disorder. The onset of a manic episode may occur over time, and in some instances, mania may occur rapidly and without warning signs. During manic episodes, people are unable to control their behavior and may need medication to return to a normal state.

Diagnosis of mania requires evaluation by a doctor or psychiatrist and may require ongoing medication to prevent manic episodes. Some people experiencing manic episodes will require emergency hospitalization for recovery. Psychotherapy for the treatment of this disorder can help sufferers to develop coping strategies to some extent, but medication is frequently needed in combination with therapy.

Also Known As: manic episode, hypomania, is part of a bipolar disorder,

Examples: In bipolar disorder, people experience episodes of both mania and depression.

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