5 Exercises to Trim and Tone Your Body

Would you like to lose weight with the help of Denise Austin? The fitness icon designed a daily weight loss program specifically for Verywell readers just like you, who have very little time to exercise and even less time to plan complicated diet meals. And the best news? It only takes 10 minutes each day to complete.

You don't need any special equipment to start the workout. Just clear a space in your home, put on some comfy exercise clothes, and grab a towel or a yoga mat to make the session easy on your joints. And don't worry if your schedule gets busy and you miss a day, doing these exercises at least four days a week will keep you looking fit and trim, according to Denise.

The Tummy Tightener

Tummy tightener
Denise Austin

You'll start your daily workout with an exercise to tighten your midsection. Use a mat or towel under your back if you are doing the workout on a hard surface like wood or tile.

Lay flat on your back. Raise your legs and bend at a 90-degree angle to protect your back. While tightening your stomach and using your abdominal muscles, reach up and extend your arms to be parallel to the ground. Use your ab strength and do pulses for up to one minute or 20 times. Try to keep your head up and pretend you are holding an apple under your chin to keep the tip of your chin from rolling towards your chest.

The Outer Thigh and Waist Line Trainer

Thigh exercise
Denise Austin

Every Denise Austin workout includes exercises to tighten your legs and sculpt your waist. But for this workout, she designed an exercise to tackle both areas at once so you save time. Remember to place a folded towel or mat under your knee if necessary.

Rest on your knees with your body upright. Take one leg and lift it to the side so that it is parallel to the ground. Put your hand on your hip on the same side that you lift your leg. Keep your other arm down to your side with your hand touching the ground. Make sure your wrist and shoulder are in a straight line and pull in your stomach to contract your abs. Lift and lower your raised leg 15 times up and down. Switch sides and repeat.

The Triceps Toner

Arm exercise
Denise Austin

Are you confident in sleeveless tops? Grab a handheld weight and say goodbye to batwing arms! This exercise tightens the back of the arm—the triceps—so that your arms make you proud. If you don't have a weight available, grab a soup can or fill a water bottle with sand or water. 

In a lunge position, extend your arm and hold one weight in your hand. Then lift upward, keeping your arm straight. Continue lifting up and down. You should aim to do about 15-20 lifts on one arm. Then, switch arms and repeat. Make sure your abs are strong and tight while your posture is correct with your back straight. 

The Hip, Thigh, and Buttock Trimmer

Thigh workout
Denise Austin

Your lower half will be stronger, sexier, and tighter after doing this exercise for a few weeks. But remember that you need to do this workout on a regular basis and follow Denise's healthy diet tips to see results.

While standing, stretch one leg in front of your body and one leg behind your body. Then, bend your legs in a lunge position. Raise your body like an elevator up and down, making sure your front knee doesn’t extend past your foot planted on the ground. Do 15 lifts with your right foot in front. Then switch and repeat with your left foot in front. Make sure your knee is at a 90-degree angle with your foot while lifting your body. Your back should be strong and straight with your abs tightened. 

The Total Body Challenger

Denise Austin workout
Denise Austin

This is the hardest exercise in the Denise Austin Daily Workout. But according to Denise, "It helps to lengthen your body." And who doesn't want a long, lean body? Don't worry if you can't hold the position right away. Do what you can at first and then work your way up to a full 10 seconds. 

Lay down on your back with your body straight. Lift your body with your arms straight in a reverse plank position. Your fingers should be facing your back. Then, raise both of your legs by tightening your stomach muscles and straightening your back. Hold your legs up for at least 10 seconds and repeat twice more. Make sure you tighten your buttock and stomach muscles as well. Even though this position is already challenging, you can work up to challenging yourself more by also trying to keep your toes pointed while lifting your legs. 

Workout Tips

Denise Austin workout tips
Denise Austin

You can skip a day once in a while, but you'll get faster results if you get active every day. It doesn't have to be a hard workout, says Denise. "A little something each day is the most beneficial because it will help to jumpstart your metabolism. Personally, I work out 30 minutes most days of the week to keep my metabolism going throughout the day."

She also says, "Within 30 minutes after you exercise, you should eat protein along with a small portion of healthy carbohydrates. I personally like to eat hummus with vegetables because it is plant based, a protein, and provides fiber by being made with beans. Another option I like is apple slices with a small scoop of almond butter."

Diet Tips

Denise Austin sitting on a couch.
Denise Austin

Your daily workout program will work faster if you combine it with a healthy diet and good eating habits. Denise provides a few important tips to help you eat for a better body:

  • Water with lemon helps to curb your appetite. Fill up two glasses before each meal to help fill you up before starting to eat.
  • Many people also eat a couple scoops of yogurt between meals to hold them over.
  • Turmeric is a plant—part of the ginger family—which acts as an anti-inflammatory. You can find this in powder form. The powder is organic and has no taste so it’s easy to add to water or in a smoothie to help control appetite. It also has an added bonus of helping to keep you energized.  

And of course, she says that portion control is essential. To make sure that you eat proper portions for weight loss, you can create your own meal plan at home and prepare healthy meals for the week. If you're too busy for proper meal prep, another smart option is to sign up for a meal delivery program

Denise has recently partnered with BistroMD to provide meals that partner perfectly with her daily workout. "My diet delivery program provides meals which are perfectly portioned with delicious healthy food. The meals contain the proper serving amounts of protein, carbohydrates, and fats that should be eaten throughout the day. The program is made up of real food prepared by BistroMD chefs."

In addition to the diet program for weight loss, Denise adds that there are programs available for people with diabetes and those who follow a gluten-free diet.

Denise says she uses the meals herself to keep her eating program healthy. "The meals help keep me on track because I can pick what I want to eat and set preferences for my weekly delivery menus."