Dessert Recipes for Kids and Teens

Fun Dessert Recipes for Kids

Fruit dessert for kids
Sweetness is piled high on this fruit dessert recipe for kids. Photo by betsyweber.

Desserts are always a favorite among kids and teens. Here you will find our listing of fun and yummy kids desserts for special occasions and events, holidays or for just after dinner. Another great idea for dessert recipes is to share them with your teen, as many teens learn to cook starting with desserts first.

  • Cupid's Sundae Bar
    This kids dessert recipe has all the fixings for an ice cream sundae with Valentine type candies.
  • Fruit Cone
    A healthy fruit dessert recipe that is perfect for summer and outdoor picnics.
  • Fruit Pizza
    Also doubles as a snack, fruit pizza is perfect for a backyard picnic or teen party.
  • Fudge in a Ziplock Bag
    Going to be sitting around with a youth group? Play pass the fudge to make this dessert.
  • Gold Coin Cookies
    Gold Coin Cookies themed for Saint Patrick's Day or Pirate themed event is a favorite are easy to make and yummy.
  • Honey Rice Crispy Snack
    A very sweet dessert that makes up into bars for lunches.
  • Ice Cream in a Ziplock Bag
    Be sure to use heavy duty baggies to make this dessert.
  • Jello Cake
    This cake recipe should be a standard in every mom's kitchen. It's easy, it helps with a theme and kids love the taste.
  • Lemon Hearts
    This lemon cookie recipe is a delicious treat for someone you love. Use another cookie cutter to make any shape you wish for other themes.
  • Oreo Pizza
    Fun and yummy dessert that will bring up the volume of energy at any kid's event.
  • Peach and Raspberry Cobbler
    Cobbler is an old fashioned standby dessert, your teen should learn how to make it for life skill practice.
  • Pinwheels - Cookies
    Holiday dessert cookie that can be made in any colors.
  • Sand Pudding
    Fun dessert and snack recipe for a group of teens dreaming about the beach.
  • Taffy Apple Pizza
    This pizza recipe is sure to be a teen favorite in your home. Perfect for a family dinner dessert and a teen party or hanging out session.

Tips on Kids and Sweets

Desserts are not the norm in the family everyday household.

So it's importation to keep the treat fun for kids as a part of a balanced diet with healthy meals and snacks as well. Here are some tips for feeding desserts to your family:

  • When creating desserts for your kids and family meals, keep in mind that a little goes a long way. Keep an eye on the portion size of the sweet your child or teen takes and teach them what is an appropriate amount.
  • Desserts don't have to be bad for you and your family. Create healthy desserts, those made with raw fruit like fruit salads and smoothies are healthy alternatives to sugary desserts.
  • If you are having fewer dinners together because of your teen's busy schedule, make a dessert for the meals you do have to make them extra special - plus, you get to stay at the table longer and enjoy the company.
  • Make the dessert with your kids since kids love to help in the kitchen. Or teach your teen to bake and allow them to make a dessert for the family.
  • Substitute healthier ingredients when you can. For instance, you can substitue applesauce fo the oil that goes into a brownie recipe.

I hope these tips and recipes help you serve wonderful desserts to your kids and teens.

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