Detox Diet Meal Plan With Delicious Recipes

28 Delicious Detox Meals to Try Now

Detox recipe quinoa with corn and broccoli salad
Quinoa with corn and broccoli salad. vanillaechoes/Moment Open/Getty Images

Although the word "detox" can make you think of liquid fasts, bland meals, deprivation, and impossible diet restrictions, the focus here is on what you do eat: delicious whole foods including staples like fresh fruits and vegetables, whole grains, and protein-rich foods.

And while we're all for discovering new foods and recipes, you don't have to make a new recipe from each category every day. Make it work for your lifestyle and schedule, either by choosing a few of your favorites from this collection of 28 detox meal recipes and making larger batches that will last for several days, or by mixing and matching recipes and adding your own twist. 

Breakfast Recipes

chia pudding
Chia pudding is an easy to make breakfast option. vanillaechoes/Moment Open/Getty Images

1. Chia Seed Pudding

Although it has "pudding" in its name, this dish is a breakfast staple that doesn't have to be overly sweet. The basic recipe calls for 1/4 cup of chia seeds mixed with 2 cups milk. Use almond milk, cashew milk, or coconut milk for an easy, filling breakfast. You can top it with just about anything, from fresh berries or other fruit, nuts, raisins, cinnamon, pumpkin seeds, ground flaxseeds, or coconut flakes. For a delicious shortcut, place frozen, organic raspberries into a container and defrost completely. Spoon the raspberries and the juice (which will look like a compote) over a cup of chia pudding. 

This recipe uses fresh strawberries, Greek yogurt, and sliced almonds, and this chia seed pudding has bananas which make for an extra-thick pudding. The raw oat-chia combination in this vanilla-almond chia breakfast bowl has the consistency of a bircher muesli. If you like chia but aren't a fan of the pudding-like consistency, check out this raw apple and cinnamon chia bowl, which is made without nut milk.

2. Oatmeal

Try a simple bowl of oatmeal with your favorite toppings, such as fresh fruit, cinnamon, raw almonds, pumpkin seeds, toasted coconut flakes. If you can, take a couple of minutes the night before to soak the oats, which cuts down on the cooking time in the morning. Recipes to try include this 5 minute oatmeal power bowl and these vegan overnight oats made with bananas and chia seeds.

2. Quinoa Bowl

While quinoa is often thought of as a lunch or dinner ingredient, a warm or cold quinoa bowl is an easy, protein-packed gluten-free breakfast option. A staple with berries and almond milk, this berry quinoa breakfast bowl is a terrific recipe to have in your breakfast arsenal. Although it's made by cooking the quinoa in almond milk, I like to use plain cooked quinoa so that I can make a larger batch of quinoa for other lunch and dinner recipes.

If you prefer a savory breakfast, check out this Mexican quinoa breakfast bowl, Goop's Kale Quinoa breakfast bowl (omit the cheese), or add your own ingredients, such as a boiled egg, avocado, and lemon juice, to a serving of cooked, warm quinoa.

5. Bircher Muesli

Developed by a Swiss physician over a hundred years ago, Bircher muesli is a mixture of raw rolled oats and other ingredients such as fresh or dried fruits, seeds, and nuts. It is often mixed with milk (cow's or nut milk), yogurt, or fruit juice. This bircher muesli recipe is made with apple juice and yogurt, as is this recipe, by Yotam Ottolenghi (try it with almond, cashew milk, or rice milk).

6. Yogurt Parfait

The key to a perfect parfait is to start with good-quality organic yogurt. Try plain rather than the sweetened or flavored varieties and add your own ingredients. Tasty options include seasonal fruit (such as a diced apple), something crunchy, like pumpkin seeds, poppy seeds, crushed walnuts or almonds, or toasted coconut flakes, and a drizzle of raw honey. For a yummy combination of pomegranates and chia seeds, check out Bon Appetit's Yogurt Parfait.

More Easy Breakfast Ideas

  • Slice an apple or pear, sprinkle with a dash of cinnamon, and have it with a dollop (about one tablespoon) of raw almond butter for dipping. 
  • Spread avocado onto gluten-free toast. Try adding a splash of apple cider vinegar and olive oil to the avocado before smearing it on, possibly with some sea salt. Or just top the avocado toast with cucumber slices or your favorite veggies.

Lunch and Dinner Recipes

Detox recipe vegan quinoa bowl with asparagus and arugula
Quinoa bowl with asparagus and arugula. vanillaechoes/Moment/Getty Images

1. Quinoa Bowls

There are many quinoa bowls, but perhaps the best known is the one by Cafe Gratitude, a Los Angeles vegan restaurant with a cult following. Try Food+Wine's take on it, a Quinoa and Rice Bowl with Vegetables and Tahini. Also, check out this Kale Quinoa Pesto Bowl with Poached Egg.

2. Salads

Beet And Escarole Salad With Avocado And Walnuts

Bistro Salad with Roasted Vegetables

Fennel Avocado Salad

Chickpea Sweet Potato Lunch Bowl

Rainbow Salad

Kale, Avocado, Tangerine, and Sesame Salad

Cabbage Salad

3. Soups

Simple Broccoli Soup

Red Chile, Chard, Barley, and Bean Soup

4. Other Veggie-Based Meals

Quinoa Pizza Crust with Carrot Ribbons and Shallots (from Eating Clean

Zucchini and Ginger Cashew Pesto on Zucchini Logs (from Eating Clean)

Lemon Basil Millet Burgers with Mango Salsa and Cumin Cashew Cream Sauce (from Eating Clean)

Roasted Cauliflower, Chickpeas, and Olives

One-Pot Zucchini Pasta 

Quinoa Ratatouille

Rainbow Spring Rolls with Ginger Peanut Sauce

Snack Recipes

detox snacks
Endive with raisins and walnuts. Patrizia Savarese/Photolibrary/Getty Images


  • 1/4 cup raw nuts or seeds (e.g. almonds, walnuts, sesame seeds, sunflower seeds and pumpkin seeds)
  • 1 apple, sliced, with 1 tablespoon raw almond butter
  • Carrot, cucumber, or jicama sticks with hummus.
  • unsweetened applesauce with plain yogurt


Raw Chocolate Coconut Banana Tart with Grain-free Pie Crust (from Eating Clean)

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