Type 2 Diabetes

Your Guide to Diabetes Management


A sound understanding of the carb counting, insulin, and blood sugar management is the first step to a healthy future with diabetes. 

Staying Active

Exercise and maintaining a healthy weight is key to managing blood sugar and optimizing the health of people with diabetes, but there are some strategies that work better than others. 

Medications and Insulin Management

Along with diet and exercise, a close eye on your diabetes medications, by both you and your doctor, is crucial to keep your blood sugars normal and prevent unwanted highs and lows. That involves understanding why you're taking the medication your doctor prescribed and how to take them appropriately. 

Coping With Your Diagnosis

For many people, the biggest problem with a diabetes diagnosis is the psychological blow to their wellbeing, and all the medication and diet guides in the world can't reassure them. These tips and lifestyle hacks are here to fill in the gaps.