Dilley Sextuplets

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The Dilley Sextuplets at age 14, shown with rappers Bow Wow and Omarion at MTV's TRL show. (2007). Scott Gries / Getty Images

The Dilley Sextuplets

Before there were septuplets and octuplets, before reality shows like Quints by Surprise and Kate Plus Eight, there were the Dilley sextuplets. When they were born in May 1993, they were the first surviving set of sextuplets born in the United States. (Sextuplets are a set of six multiples.) During the pregnancy, it was thought that Becki Dilley was carrying five babies (quintuplets); the sixth baby was discovered when the babies were delivered.

Multiple mania ensued after they were born, with plenty of coverage on television and in print media like People magazine. The sextuplets became known as the "Dilley Six-Pack." 

As the children grew up, the family shied away from the limelight. Aside from occasional television appearances, they kept their life pretty private. ABC News' Diane Sawyer did annual updates on the children into their teen years. But he multiples quietly grew up, and are now in their twenties, living their lives with very little notoriety. 


Brenna, Julian, Quinn, Claire, Ian, and Adrian (listed in order of birth) 


May 25, 1993


Berne, Indiana (Born in Indianapolis)

Birth Info:

The four boys and two girls were born healthy at nearly 31 weeks. They remained hospitalized for about three months.

Family Info:

Parents Keith and Becki Dilley were high school sweethearts. They wanted a large family, but never imagined that they would become parents of super multiples.

After battling infertility for five years, Becki took a powerful drug called Perganol and conceived sextuplets. 

More Info:

The Dilley's were the first set of surviving sextuplets born in the United States. Becki Dilley gained more than 100 pounds during her pregnancy with the sextuplets. A team of more than thirty medical professionals was involved in the delivery.

After delivering Brenna, Julian, Quinn, Claire and Ian, doctors discovered a sixth baby, Adrian, obscured behind his mom's spleen.

The numbers associated with raising sextuplets are staggering. A news story produced by ABC news estimated that the family fed the babies 30,000 bottles, changed 20,000 diapers, gave 13,000 baths, and did 7,000 loads of laundry. When they were young, dad Keith stayed home with the kids while mom Becki worked as a nurse. They did not have nannies or daycare for the babies. 

A 2014 update from their hometown newspaper, the IndyStar gave the following updates about the sextuplets when they were 21:

  • Ian attended Purdue University, studying Pharmacology and working as a pharmacy technician.
  • Adrian was in the Indiana Army National Guard.
  • Claire married Brandon Bible in February 2011. She was the first American sextuplet to have a child, a girl Emmalynn Grace in February 2012.
  • Quinn was in the US Army ROTC and attending Indiana University - Purdue University Indianapolis and studies International Relations. (According to the article, he graduated from Al Akhawayn University in Morocco in 2013.) 
  • Brenna was a social worker in Fort Wayne.
  • Julian was a biology/pre-med major, working at the Department of Chemistry and Chemical Biology at Indiana University - Purdue University Indianapolis (IUPUI)

    Books, TV and Movies:

    There are two books about the Dilley family. One is a children's book called Sixty Fingers, Sixty Toes (compare prices) and the other is the parents' memoir, called Special Delivery: . They have also been featured on Primetime Live with frequent updates over the years. An ABC-TV movie called Half a Dozen Babies was aired in 1999.

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