Directory of HIV/AIDS Hotlines

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AIDS hotlines can provide support, information and references not to only people living with HIV/AIDS, but to those who love them or anyone who is concerned about the transmission, symptoms, prevention or treatment of HIV.

The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) established the first national AIDS hotline back in 1983. Today, there is a network of coordinated hotlines in every U.S. state, many of which end with the four-digit dialing code 2437 (AIDS) for English-speaking users and 7431 (SIDA) for Spanish-speaking users.


Many of these hotlines operate on a 24-hour basis, although times can vary for certain services like TDD or TTY for the hearing impaired.

If a hotline is not available at a time of extreme emotional distress, do not give up or wait unnecessarily. Contact CDC-INFO (formerly CDC National AIDS Hotline) toll-free at 1-800-342-AIDS (2437). Two nationally operated suicide prevention hotlines are also available at 1-800-273-TALK (8255) or 1-800-SUICIDE (1-800-784-2433).

In the event of an accidental HIV exposure, do not wait if a hotline is unavailable. Instead, go immediately to your nearest emergency room or walk-in clinic. Post-exposure prophylaxis (PEP) can potentially avert an HIV infection if prescribed, ideally, within 36 hours of exposure.

LocationOrganizationContactAdditional Information
NationalAIDSInfo (800) 448-0440
TTY: (888) 480-3739
Hours: M-F, 12pm - 5pm EST
Clinical trial and treatment information
Operated by the U.S. Department of
Health and Human Services (DHHS)
 AIDS in Prison
(715) 378-7022
TTY: (888) 232-6348
Hours: Tu-Th, 39m - 8pm EST
HIV/AIDS hotline for prisoners (collect
calls accepted)
 HIPS Hotline(800) 676-4477Hours: 24 hours, 7 days per week
Health-oriented hotline  for sex workers
and their families
 1-800-CDC-INFO (800) 232-4636
TTY: (888) 232-6348
Hours: M-F, 8am - 8pm EST
Operated by the U.S. Centers for
Disease Control and Prevention (CDC)
 Project Inform (800) 822-7422Hours: M-Th 9am - 4pm
Confidential HIV treatment information
 Women Alive (800) 554-4876Hours: M-F 10am - 6pm PST
Peer support for HIV-positive women
 1-800-234-TEEN(800) 234-8336Hours: M-Sa 4pm - 8pm CT
Peer support for HIV-positive teens
AlabamaAIDS Hotline(800) 228-0469 
AlaskaAIDS Hotline(800) 478-2437Out of State Calls: (907) 269-8000
ArizonaAIDS Hotline(800) 232-4636Out of State Calls: (602) 364-3610
ArkansasAIDS Hotline(800) 232-4636Arkansas AIDS Foundation:
(501) 376-6299
CaliforniaHIV/AIDS Hotline(800) 367-2437
TDD: (800) 225-2437
Out of State Calls: (415) 863-2437
In San Francisco: (415) 863-2437
Weekday Hours: 9 am - 9pm PST
Weekend Hours: 10am - 6pm PST
ColoradoAIDS Hotline(877) 478-3448Out of State Calls: (303) 692-2783
ConnecticutAIDS Hotline(800) 342-2437 
DelawareAIDS Hotline(800) 422-0429 
District of ColumbiaAIDS Info Line(202) 332-2437Out of State Calls: (202) 332-2437
FloridaAIDS Hotline(800) 352-2437
TTY: (888) 503-7118
In Spanish: (800) 545-7432
GeorgiaAIDS Info Line(800) 551-2728Out of State Calls: (404) 876-9944
 AID Atlanta(404) 870-7700Out of State Calls: (404) 876-9944
HawaiiHIV/STD Hotline(800) 321-1555Out of State Calls: (808) 922-1313
IllinoisAIDS Hotline(800) 243-2437
TTY: (800) 782-0423
IndianaAIDS Hotline(800) 232-4636Indiana HIV Medical Services Office:
(866) 588-4948
IowaAIDS Hotline(800) 445-2437Out of State Calls: (319) 338-2135
KansasAIDS Hotline(800) 232-0040Kansas Department of Health:
(785) 296-6174
KentuckyAIDS Hotline(800) 654-2437Kentucky Department of Public
Health: (502) 564-6539 ext. 2
LouisianaAIDS Hotline(800) 992-4379
TDD: (877) 566-9448
Weekday Hours: 10 am - 8pm CT
Weekend Hours: 10am - 4pm CT
MaineAIDS Hotline(800) 851-2437Out of State Calls: (800) 775-1267
MarylandAIDS Hotline(800) 358-9001In Spanish: (301) 949-0945
TTY: (410) 333-2437 (Baltimore only)
MassachusettsAIDS Hotline(800) 235-2331
TTY: (617) 450-1427
Weekday Hours: 9 am - 9pm EST
Weekend Hours: 10am - 2pm EST
MichiganAIDS Hotline(800) 872-2437
TTY: (800) 332-0849
In Spanish: (800) 826-7432
MinnesotaAIDS Hotline(800) 248-2437Out of State Calls: (612) 373-2437
MissouriAIDS Hotline(800) 533-2437Missouri Department of Health:
(866) 628-9891
MississippiAIDS Hotline(800) 826-2961Out of State Calls: (601) 576-7723
MontanaAIDS Hotline(800) 233-6668Out of State Calls: (406) 444-3565
NebraskaAIDS Hotline(800) 782-2437 
NevadaAIDS Info Line(800) 842-2437Out of State Calls: (775) 684-5900
New HampshireAIDS Hotline(800) 752-2437Out of State Calls: (603) 271-4502
New JerseyAIDS Hotline(800) 624-2377
TTY: (201) 926-8008
Out of State Calls: (609) 984-5874
New MexicoAIDS Hotline(800) 545-2437Out of State Calls: (505) 476-3612
New YorkHIV Counseling
(800) 872-2777
TDD: (800) 369-2437
In Spanish: (800) 233-7432
 HIV Info Line(800) 541-2437Weekday Hours: 8 am - 8pm EST
Weekend Hours: 10am - 6pm EST
 GMHC Hotline(212) 807-6655
TTY: (212) 645-7470
Weekday Hours: 10 am - 9pm EST
Weekend Hours: 12am - 3pm EST
Operated by the Gay Men’s Health
Crisis (GMHC)
 1-800-TALK-HIV(800) 823-5448
TTY: (212) 645-7470
Weekday Hours: 10 am - 9pm EST
Weekend Hours: 12am - 3pm EST
Operated by the New York State
Department of Health
North CarolinaAIDS Hotline(800) 232-4636Out of State Calls: (919) 733-3039
North DakotaAIDS Hotline(800) 782-2437Out of State Calls: (701) 328-2378
OhioAIDS Hotline(800) 332-2437
TTY: (800) 332-3889
Out of State Calls: (614) 466-0265
OklahomaAIDS Hotline(800) 535-2437 
OregonAIDS Hotline(800) 777-2437
TTY: (503) 223-2437
Oregon Public Health Division:
(503) 223-2437
PennsylvaniaAIDS Hotline(800) 662-6080Pennsylvania Department of Health:
(717) 783-0572
Puerto RicoAIDS Hotline(800) 981-5721Operated by Linea de Infor SIDA y
Enfermedades de Transmision Sexual
Rhode IslandAIDS Hotline(800) 726-3010Rhode Island Department of Health:
(401) 831-5522
South CarolinaAIDS Hotline(800) 322-2437Out of State Calls: (803) 898-0749
South DakotaAIDS Hotline(800) 592-1861South Dakota Department of Health:
(803) 898-0749
TennesseeAIDS Hotline(800) 525-2437Out of State Calls: (615) 741-7500
TexasTexas AIDSLINE(800) 299-2437Texas Department of State Health
Services: (615) 490-2505
U.S. Virgin IslandsAIDS Hotline(809) 773-2437 
VermontAIDS Hotline(800) 882-2437 
VirginiaSTD/AIDS Hotline(800) 533-4148In Spanish: (800) 322-7432
WashingtonHIV Client Services(877) 376-9316Out of State Calls: (360) 236-3426
West VirginiaAIDS Hotline(800) 642-8244Out of State Calls: (304) 558-2950
WisconsinAIDS Hotline(800) 334-2437Out of State Calls: (414) 273-2437
WyomingAIDS Hotline(800) 675-2698Out of State Calls: (307) 237-7833

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