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Revealed manic depression in song lyrics

Rapper DMX has bipolar disorder
Rapper DMX performs at DTE Energy Center on August 31, 2014 in Clarkston, Michigan. Scott Legato/Getty Images

DMX (Dark Man X), born Earl Simmons on December 18, 1970, is "one of hip-hop's most beloved and influential heroes" (Official Site). He is a multi-platinum rapper with undisputed street-level realism. He is the only artist to have had his first two albums debut at number one and both in the same year! At the time of this writing, he has released five albums that have all exploded onto the charts.


  • It's Dark and Hell is Hot (1998)
  • Flesh of My Flesh, Blood of My Blood (1998)
  • And Then There Was X (1999)
  • The Great Depression (2001)
  • Grand Champ (2003)

DMX has created just as much success in television and on the big screen. UrbanKind describes X as "one of the hardest working artists in show business, [he] is handling the mic and big screen with the greatest of ease." Vivian Vakili of Cyberbuzz wrote, "After seeing Exit Wounds, one can confidently say that the newest and most talented crossover artist from music to the big screen is definitely rap superstar DMX."


  • Belly (1998)
  • Romeo Must Die (2000)
  • Exit Wounds (2001)
  • Cradle 2 the Grave (2003)

In 2003 DMX said that Grand Champ would be his last album and he planned to focus more on his acting career. At the time he had several projects in the works. Most recently he had finished a movie entitled Never Die Alone, which would be released late in 2003. Also, he was working on a new Saturday morning cartoon series!

The show was to be called Boomer after his favorite dog that was hit by a car. Other plans included performing in the Broadway play, Cain & Abel.

Of particular interest to our readers, DMX has bipolar disorder. The man who "has spent a career inspiring followers around the world to bark and rhyme in loud bursts of manic, ghetto energy, only then to get them to read and rap and think and cry in private moments of honest thought and introspection" (Official Site) - this man who, against the odds of an abusive mother, foster homes, drug and alcohol issues, has achieved success through the roof, has bipolar disorder.

In an interview held in 2001, William Shaw of the music magazine Blender asked DMX about this.

You've described yourself as manic-depressive. When was that?

"Waaaay too personal," he says quietly. He's silent for a second, then, abruptly, he laughs and stands: "I'm gonna have to beat you up now," he announces. "Lock the door."

The producer P.K., who has worked on tracks with him for years, is there on crutches, his ankle bandaged. ("A little drama," explains P.K. reluctantly. "He was shot," someone says.) DMX grabs one of P.K.'s crutches. "Manic depression? Where did you get that from?" he demands, holding the crutch mock-threateningly.

From your own lyrics.

"No," he insists indignantly. "That never got out, man. Tell me what lyric that was in," he challenges.

There's an embarrassing pause, until someone reminds DMX of "Fuckin' Wit D," reciting: "Listed as a manic depressive with extreme paranoia/And dog, I got something for ya/Hear my name, feel my pain . . . "

"OK, OK," DMX says.


DMX received a 90-day prison sentence in early 2009 for drug, theft and animal cruelty convictions. In March 2010 he received a six-month sentence for multiple parole violations. And then, after being released in July, more parole violations earned him a one-year sentence in December 2010.

Released from prison again in July 2011, he began talking publicly about having bipolar disorder. He told a local news outlet that he has trouble distinguishing Earl Simmons from "X."

"X, X is the bad guy," he said. "I used to be really clear about who was what and what each characteristics each personality had, but at this point, I'm not even sure there is a difference." "I'm Earl when I'm with my children. I miss my children, I miss my children, I miss my children."

In 2013 he was arrested 4 times - three times for driver's license infractions (during one of these, police also found marijuana in the car), and once for DUI.

Source: Casper, Susan.

Since I run with the devil I'm one with the devil,
I stay doin' dirt so I'm gonna come with the shovel,
Hit chyou on a level of a madman who's mind's twisted,
Made niggaz dreams caught the last train, mines missed it,
Listed as a manic depressin' with extreme paranoia!
and dog I got sometin' for ya! hear my name, feel my pain

from "Fuckin' Wit' D"
off the It's Dark and Hell is Hot Album

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