Do Troubled Teens Get Better?

Parents Often Wonder if There is Hope for Their Troubled Teen

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Question: Do troubled teens get better?

Answer: Absolutely - teens are resilient and most have the capacity to heal and make significant changes.

Parents are encouraged to implement three critical steps to help their troubled teen:

1. Get professional help as soon as problems become serious. Most teens will need help to deal with the reasons they are acting out and find better ways to cope.

There are many skilled mental health professionals and effective treatment programs available.

2. Actively love and support your teen. Teens who are acting out can be difficult to live with and to love. It may seem like the child you knew is lost deep inside this difficult teen. In spite of the difficulty, dealing with your teen compassionately by reminding them how important they are to you and how much you care about them helps them find the courage to heal.

3. Believe that your teen has the ability to get better. Hope is a vital factor in helping humans heal. Telling your teen that you believe in their ability to make changes helps them have the positive attitude needed for the work necessary to gain control of their lives.

Teens can turn their troubles into significant learning experiences and take responsibility for improving their lives. With professional help and loving support from their parents, most teens will successfully navigate their adolescent years.

Troubled teens do get better.

Quick Links: Troubled Teens | Quiz: Is Your Teen At-Risk?

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