Do You Need Two of Everything for Twins?

Baby Equipment for Twins - Do You Need Two of Everything?

Two of Everything for Twins?. rubberball / Getty Images

Double babies means double stuff, right? Not necessarily! Doubling up on everything can mean alot of wasted expense for parents. Check out this advice from parents of twins and multiples, who offer their expert advice on when to buy two, and when you can get by with sharing one. 

Buy One and See if You Need Another

Buy one, until you know if you need two. Ruth Jenkinson / Getty Images

As a mom of 8 month old twins (a boy and a girl), Dana offered these suggestions. "It's always easiest to buy one of the main, expensive things and see later on if you need another." She explains further, "Luckily we were given a set of cribs by our friends who have twin girls that outgrew them. We kept them in the same crib only until they were about 2 months old and started squirming.  I suggest buying two swings, for a while, that is the only place they would sleep, and having them sleep at the same time is a life saver. Two jumpers are a must! They jump all the time and enjoy jumping next to each other. Double the bottles, sippy cups, bowls, formula, diapers, clothes, burp clothes, blankets, etc.  I even have two strollers (Graco duo-line, and a side-by-side jogger), two car seats, two bumbos. You can share some toys, although when you notice they both always like one, get another."  

Some One, Some Two

Twin Z Feeding Pillow
Twin Z Feeding Pillow. Photo courtesy of The Twin Z company

Margarethe offered this advice when her twins were 7 months old. "We did buy two cots (cribs) but they still sleep together. I think one should only buy the bare necessities and save money until ... you can see what you really need and what not. If possible, borrow, and see if you use it. It is wise to have a couple of things that are the same for all your children and the rest can be different and they can share. The one thing that I will say was a lifesaver that I have two of is the feeding pillows. I think you should have 2, even if you only have one child! Put one behind your back for back support and one for the twins to lie on."

One Doesn't Always Work

Play Yard for Twins
Play Yard for Twins. Photo courtesy of

One mom, who referred to herself as Mommy2twingles, explains her strategy. "When our twins were born, I went on the advice of only getting one crib, one swing, one bouncer, one activity mat, etc. I found out quickly that advice did not work for us. We bought the extra equipment used, or received it from friends to help cut the cost of an already very expensive situation. I then rotated the girls, so that they weren't stuck with the same view everyday. I opted for the Superyard XT (play yard) from Babies R Us with foam mats from One Step Ahead for the floor instead of 2 pack-n-plays once they were mobile, and portable highchairs for feeding. I have three double strollers: Combi side by side, Graco inline and a double jogger (had the double Snap N Go when they were infants). Double the bottles, diapers, even clothing at times, although having both girls close in size helped out a lot. Now they are 3 and I still have double of some stuff -- cups and dishes, tricycles and scooters -- but other things they share, such as toys, art supplies, etc. It gets easier as they get older."

High Chairs for Twins

Dad feeding twins in high chairs. Diana Koenigsberg/Stone / Getty Images

Do you need two high chairs for twins? While it's not a must, it is definitely more convenient to feed twins at the same time. Therefore, it makes sense to have two high chairs. However, high chairs are not a necessity from the get go. Until your twin babies can sit upright on their own, you won't be feeding them in high chairs. Many parents use bouncy seats, infant seats, boppy pillows, or other arrangements to feed their baby twins until they grow into their high chairs. (For lots of ideas, see these resources for feeding two babies at the same time.) 

High chairs take up a lot of space, so consider their dimensions before purchasing two for your home. While you don't have to have two of the same models, consider this advice from a seasoned mom of twins: "Some things are nicer if they match or are interchangable. We had 3 high chairs (for our triplets) but one did not match. Eventually, we went and got a matching one to make cleaning up easier. Then we didn't have to worry about which tray went to which chair. Made life much easier. Fortunately we were still able to get one like the others and it made our lives a bit easier." - mom, Kari

The One Thing You MUST Double Up On

Twin Car Seats. Brand X Images / Getty Images

Of all the baby equipment that you will need for your twins, there's one crucial thing that you will need right away. If you're leaving the hospital in a vehicle, each baby will need a car seat. There's no way to share it, unless you're going to make multiple trips. State laws mandates the use of car seats in order to protect infants and young children in the event of a vehicle crash. Although the laws vary from state to state, all require seats for infants, and in most states, you'll need seats for several years to come. Before you buy car seats for your twins, here are Five Questions You Should Ask

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