Should You Trust Celebrity Doctors Like Dr. Oz and Dr. McDreamy?

What to Know About Celebrity Doctors and Who to Trust

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Dr. Oz, Dr. McDreamy, and Dr. Nancy Snyderman: You know their names, what do these doctors have in common? The answer to this question seems rather simple at first. Then, it becomes more complex. The problem is that even when we know in our heads what the differences in these three doctors are, it doesn't mean we won't blur the edges of how we trust and believe in them from time to time.

What they all have in common, of course, is that they are all doctors on TV.

They are all celebrities - they are media stars. That one of them is a fictional character playing a doctor on TV is a difference between the three. Sorry, it is simply true that you can't check into a hospital in Seattle and be treated by Dr. McDreamy.

What is more complex is their credibility. Only one of them can be considered credible most of the time. Can you guess which one that is? The answer isn't Dr. Mehmet Oz, the answer is Dr. Nancy Snyderman. Forget about McDreamy altogether for credibility, he isn't real and the medical scenarios on ​​Grey's Anatomy are played for drama, not for medical accuracy.

Celebrity Doctors - Separating Fame and Credibility

What Can Smart Patients Learn from Media or Celebrity Doctors? Believe them or not? It's a two-step process for you to use to determine who and what you should believe, and who and what you should not. You shouldn't believe them without confirming the information they've touted (and sold you things to fix) elsewhere.

That means more than checking their own website, you need independent and credible verification.​ 

I review Dr. Oz, Dr. Andrew Weil, the Doctor's TV Show (Travis Stork, et al), Joseph Mercola (one of the scariest of them all), Gary Null (who actually gives Mercola an even scarier run for his money), Dr. Phil, and Dr. Laura.

Follow the Money for Celebrity Doctors Before You Believe Them

Just because someone is on the radio or TV and has a show named after him or her, or appears online with the latest and greatest slam on mainstream healthcare, doesn't mean they are telling you the truth. They may not even know what they are talking about. Our health doesn't improve because the latest conspiracy theory is making the rounds and someone can profit from it. The real key is to follow the money.

Celebrity Medical Advice from Non-Doctors Is Even Scarier

I should also note that those people who provide you with health and medical advice who come from no medical or even naturopathic background may be even more of a problem. Is it really wise to take medical advice from Jenny McCarthy or Katie Couric? Being famous, even if you appear to be smart, doesn't mean that you can give credible medical advice.

Be smart about who you listen to and take advice from. It's your life, not theirs.