Does Having Morning Sickness Mean I Won't Miscarry?

Morning Sickness Miscarriage
Having morning sickness is a good sign, but it is not a guarantee of not miscarrying -- and lack of morning sickness does not mean you will miscarry. Photo © Tom Le Goff / Getty Images

Question: Does Having Morning Sickness Mean I Won't Miscarry?


There have been numerous studies showing that women who have morning sickness during the first trimester have a lower odds of miscarriage and other negative pregnancy outcomes.

The exact reason for the link is not known, but one possible explanation is that non-viable pregnancies, such as those affected by chromosomal abnormalities, have lower hCG levels and this might lead to fewer pregnancy symptoms.

If you don't have morning sickness or if your morning sickness has disappeared, however, don't panic. Nausea is not a prerequisite for having a healthy pregnancy -- plenty of women never have morning sickness at all.

In addition, having morning sickness is unfortunately not a guarantee that you will not have a miscarriage; it's possible to miscarry even if you have noticeable pregnancy symptoms.


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