Should I Wear Different Shoes When Running on the Treadmill?

Legs of women running on treadmills at gym
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"I’ve been doing a lot of treadmill running. Should I wear different running shoes for treadmill running?"

Most runners will wear the same running shoes whether they’re running outside or on a treadmill.  If you overpronate, you’re still going to need motion-control shoes, whether you’re running inside or outside.  So make sure you get properly fitted for running shoes at a local running specialty store, if you haven’t already.

Running on a treadmill is a bit easier on your body that running on the pavement because the belt is a softer surface. So treadmill running is an opportunity to try out a lighter pair of running shoes. But you still should make sure they’re the right running shoes for your feet. Visit a specialty running store to make sure you get a proper shoe fitting.

The treadmill surface is much less abrasive than roads or trails so, if you do a lot of treadmill running, you may find that you don't have to replace your running shoes as frequently.  Rather than replacing them at the 300 to 350-mile mark, you may be able to get closer to 400 miles out of them. However, because your steps are more consistent than when you're running outside, keep in mind that your wear may be focused in the same areas. So you may want to stick to a low-traction running shoes and save the thicker treads for the trails.

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