Does Your Husband Want To Breastfeed?

4 Reasons Your Partner Might Ask To Breastfeed

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When your partner wants to breastfeed. Arman Zhenikeyev - professional photographer from Kazakhstan / Getty Images

Breastfeeding Your Partner

Has your husband, boyfriend, or partner asked to breastfeed? While some men are not at all interested in their partner's milk-filled breasts, others are curious about breastfeeding, interested in the taste of breast milk, or simply turned on by lactating breasts. This is perfectly normal, and except for a few circumstances when you shouldn't do it, it's generally OK to breastfeed your partner.

Here are some of the reasons that your partner may want to breastfeed.

4 Reasons Your Husband, Boyfriend, or Partner May Want To Breastfeed

To Feel Included: Your partner may feel left out. Your breasts once played an important role in the sexual relationship that you share. Now that you are breastfeeding, he may feel as though your breasts are off limits, or no longer a part of that relationship. Instead, he may feel that your breasts are now reserved for the relationship that you share with your baby, and that's something he may not feel a part of. By giving your husband or partner access to your breasts and breastfeeding, he can feel included in the experience.

It's A Fantasy: You husband may be turned on by your lactating breasts, or he may have a sexual fantasy that involves breastfeeding. Erotic lactation and adult breastfeeding (adult nursing) websites and groups actually exist. As long as you feel comfortable, this is a fantasy that you can fulfill for your partner.

It Provides Health Benefits: There are many health benefits associated with breast milk. Breast milk is even used as a medical treatment for certain types of patients. Breastfeeding could potentially boost your husband's immune function as well as his nutritional status.

To Taste Your Breast Milk: Some men just like the flavor of breast milk.

Breast milk is typically creamy and sweet. Your partner may just want to enjoy the taste. 

A Word of Warning

Some sexually transmitted diseases can be passed to your partner through contact at the breasts. Also, certain infectious diseases, such as HIV, are known to be transmitted through breast milk. You and your partner should be aware of these risks.  

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