Dog Pedometers to Track Your Pet's Activity

Is your dog getting enough exercise? Unfortunately, pet obesity is a common problem and can shorten the years you can spend with your best friend. You can use a dog pedometer/activity monitor to set activity goals and track progress. There is a bonus for you, too, as this may be the incentive you need to walk more and play actively with your dog. More: 5 Benefits of Walking Your Dog

While you could just attach any old pedometer to your dog's collar and get some sort of reading. But people pedometers are built to read two-legged human steps and not four-legged doggie steps. Activity monitors designed for dogs use different algorithms to analyze the motion data and produce pet-specific activity data.


FitBark is a small activity monitor that weighs only 8 grams and is suitable for small dogs as well as large ones. It primarily links to a smartphone app via Bluetooth, but there is also an optional Wi-Fi base station. The app will track the pet's activity with play, active and rest time. If you wear a Fitbit or other monitor with an open API, your activity can also be tracked on the same app and compared to your pet. User reviews give FitBark the nod for ease of setup and use. You pit it on the dog's collar and then when you need to recharge it, you can simply take the collar off the dog and plug the Fitbark into the USB rather than removing the FitBark from the collar. FitBark also has good customer service response.


The Whistle is sold at a major pet store chain. You attach it to your collar to track your pet's active time. It pairs with a smartphone app. It can connect via Wi-Fi 802.11 or Bluetooth 4.0 dual mode (both classic and low energy). That is useful as you can see your dog's activity throughout the day even when you are far from home, as it connects to your home Wi-Fi or other networks. It's waterproof and detects walking, play, rest, and swimming. Compare your dog to similar dogs. In the app, you can add photos, notes, log medications, and diet. It has a 10-day rechargeable battery and is compatible with Apple iOS 6.1 or greater and Android devices 4.0.3 or greater.​
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Attach the StarWalk to your dog's collar, and you can track his or her activity via low energy Bluetooth 4.0 on your compatible iPhone, iPad or Android devices and Samsung Galaxy tablets. But you can also see at a glance whether your dog is meeting activity goals as a StepLight grows and glows to show progress in 20 percent increments. At night, you can switch on a StarLight in your choice of color for night safety. Star Walk tracks total steps, calories burned, active time, activity type, distance traveled and temperature. The app shows you how your dog compares to others of his breed. You can program alerts and schedules to manage your dog's social calendar and medical appointments. Recharge the battery every 2 to 4 days via a USB cable.
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If your dog is an escape artist, the Tagg may save you lots of heartache and Lost Dog posters. It functions as an activity monitor with detailed charts and allows you to set activity goals. It is compatible with iOS and Android. It provides location tracking both with GPS and cellular wireless. If your pet leaves the vicinity, you get an alert on your phone and you can have others alerted as well. You should be able to narrow your search area thanks to the GPS/cellular location tracking. It has 7-14 days of battery life when it is near its docking station. It is best for pets over 10 pounds. The tracking service costs a subscription of $9.95 per month, with two months included in the purchase of the monitor. That is cheap insurance for pets who are known to roam.​​
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