Domestic Abuse and Alcohol Resources

What is It? What is to Blame? What Can Be Done?

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Abuse Is Common in Alcoholic Homes. &copy Getty Images

Violence and abuse is unfortunately all too common in alcoholic families. Sometimes the alcohol use is a contributing factor in the violence, but many times it is only a catalyst, not a cause.

Regardless of the cause, domestic violence is a vicious cycle that can repeat over and over and at the same time become progressively worse. It can negatively affect everyone in the family, not only the primary victim.

The following articles explore the issue of domestic violence, why it happens, what can be done about it, how you can help, and the role that alcohol can play.

A Guide to Coping With Domestic Violence
A helpful guide to understanding domestic abuse, recognizing the danger signals, finding help and support, and developing a plan to survive.

How Dangerous Is Your Situation?
Has your relationship turned abusive? You may be in more danger than you realize. This assessment tool can help you decide.

What Are the Signs Someone Is Being Abused?
Because of fear, shame or embarrassment many victims of domestic violence try to deny or cover it up. But, there are ways that you might be able to tell if someone is being abused.

How Can You Help Someone Being Abused?
Sometimes just letting them know that they are not alone is a big relief. Here are some tips for lending support to a victim of domestic violence.

What Triggers a Domestic Violence Episode
Believe it or not, there are other factors other than intoxication that are more common triggers of episodes of domestic violence.

A Family in Crisis
This unfortunately is a true story about how many lives one alcoholic can affect, and how alcoholism can spiral into a full-fledged family disease.

Alcohol and Marital Violence
Couples who argue a lot during their first year of marriage are more likely to have violence erupt in later years if the husband is a heavy drinker.

Domestic Abuse and Alcohol
Statistics seem to indicate a connection between alcohol and drug abuse and domestic violence but others question the cause-and-effect relationship.

Why Do They Do It?
Whether alcohol and drug abuse is a factor or not domestic violence and abuse is a very serious problem -- for the victims and the abusers.

Drinking Increases Physical Abuse
Men who drink alcohol and have a predisposition for physical violence toward their female partners are more likely to be violent on the days they drink alcohol.

Help for Victims
For those locked into an abusive relationship getting help is not always as simple as just leaving in fact it could be dangerous.

How to Report Child Abuse
If you suspect that a child is being abused or neglected, you should call your local Child Protective Services (CPS) agency or the CPS agency in the State in which the abuse occurred.

Women Can Be Batterers Too
Alcohol may not be a cause of domestic abuse but it sure seems to be a catalyst.

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