Don't Let Your Food Allergy Jitters Ruin Your First Date

For most people going on a first date comes along with the typical nervous jitters.  What should I wear? What will we talk about? Will there be a second date? These are among the thoughts that run through your mind as you gear up for the big night.  Now imagine having to also worry about how to handle your food allergies on top of that? Dating and food allergies is not always easy, but with the right planning, it is one worry that can fall to the bottom of your list.


Before your embark on your dating life, be sure to check these off your list:

  • Be Up Front - Even before the first date don't be afraid to have a conversation about your food allergies.  This will open up the door for conversation about where to meet and what foods will be best for you. Your dates concern over your food safety and understanding over your food allergies will also allow you to learn about their sense of compassion as well.  You should want to date someone who is going to be patient and understanding about your food needs. 
  • Carry Your Medicine - Always be sure to carry any necessary allergy medication with you.  Being in new surroundings with someone who may not understand your allergy needs, it is critical to have your medication or epinephrine pen handy in the event of an emergency.
  • Documentation - Be sure you have your doctors number, food allergies and treatment needs written down in your wallet.  In the event of an emergency you want your date to be able to access this critical information.
  • Plans Without Food - It is also easy to suggest a date where food is not the focus, such as bowling, going to an art museum or attending a concert.  This may be a great way to break the ice and leave your food worries behind.  Down the roads you can plan dates that involve food, but you can save this for when you are ready.
  • Take Charge - If in fact you are going to meet your date for a meal or snack, take control by suggesting where to dine. This will allow you to pick a place that you are comfortable eating at and choosing one which can meet your dietary restrictions.  If your date does pick a place, be smart and do your research ahead of time  Call ahead and determine what food options will be best for you.
  • Drink With Caution - Often times when someone drinks to much, they let their guard down.  This may cause you to be less careful when choosing what to eat or have you sharing with your date and risking cross contamination. So be careful how much alcohol you consume so that you can focus on avoiding food allergy issues.

With all of this in check, you can simply sit back and enjoy your first date!

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